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Lookin' for a partner


Dear IP Automotive CEO,

after reading your first review, we noticed a mistake on the info provided in relation to our Anhultz brand.
In the review, it was stated that Anhultz is a german-based company.
But Anhultz is in fact a company based in Maastricht, which is located in the Netherlands.
Howeever, the cars are produced in the german town of Aachen, because there was a lot of leftover production capacity after WWII.

We hope that this misinformation will soon be corrected.

Best regards,
CEO of Anhultz
(to remain anonymous at the moment)

player note:

there is no name yet, because my lore theoretically is not far enough to have the first CEO replaced.


OK, I must have misinterpreted the lore thread then, I got the impression that the company was located in germany but the people behind it dutch, but then it is a dutch company with their factory in Germany then, do I get it right now?


dutch company with production in germany, that is correct

and i kinda hoped for a more rp-like answer on that tbh


That was only a question as a player to get the facts correct… so expect more RPing later (after all that’s what makes those competitions fun, but I’m a bit too exhausted to think now after the review and a hard week of work)


no problem.
it is your competition and you choose the amount of rp after reviews.
just tried to spark som rp-ing with that letter


You may get an answer later…remember, it is 1984 and snail-mail. :wink:


E-Mail was a thing in ´84.

take your time, everything is good :smiley:


Pretty much on par!

Best to think of Epoch as a British version of hyundai/kia :stuck_out_tongue:


After a complete examination of all the cars, including the reference sedan from a german manufacturer IP were looking to beat, the following conclusions was drawn:

The easiest car to drive was the Anhultz, with a value of 68 compared to the reference car that had a value of 44. Close behind was the G&W that had the value of 64, slightly worse was the Epoch with the value of 54 and the Shromet with a value of 49. All the cars did beat the reference car.

Sportiest was the Shromet, with a value of 14 the only one that could beat the reference car with its value of 12, a value the Anhultz was on par with. The Epoch did fall behind with its value of 10 and the G&W was hopelessly last with a value of only 1.

The G&W was, as proven earlier, the most comfortable car with a value of 25. The Shromet was a bit of a surprise, coming second with a value of 23. The Epoch managed to get a value of 22 and the Anhultz a value of 18. All cars was considered good compared to the reference car with a value of 10.

The Anhultz was the prestige car of the bunch with its value of 32, followed with the G&W and its value of 28. The Shromet was third with a value of 25 and the Epoch with its value of 24 was only slightly better than the reference car with a value of 21.

The reference car had ended its life by being sent into the wall at the IP crash testing facility, managing to reach a score of 40, but it was considered a bit rude to smash the rest of the bunch up and then ask for more cars. However, analyzing the results from the other manufacturers crash testing, the Anhultz with its advanced safety systems managed to reach a value of 47, the G&W a value of 43. The somewhat smaller Shromet was almost as good as the G&W though and managed to reach a value of 42, while the Epoch was a proof that throwing an air bag into an ancient construction wasn’t of much help, being worse than the reference car at only 36.

The hatchback made the Shromet practical with a value of 58. At 57 and 55 the sedans from Anhultz and Epoch wasn’t much worse though, only the G&W was slightly worse than the reference cars value of 54, reaching a score of only 53.

When it came to the capability of handling the sometimes non-existing roads of rural Mamaya, the G&W managed to beat the reference car with a value of 19, compared to the reference cars value of 18. The Epoch was worse than the reference car at 15, the all wheel drive Shromet a bit disappointing at 11. Worst was the Anhultz with the low score of only 9.

When it came to utility the Anhultz was better than the rest of the bunch with its value of 22. The rest of the quartet was a far bit behind at 15, but still better than the reference car at 9.

Analyzing how well the cars would hold up in the future, the reference car was appearantly hard to beat. Only the Shromet was on par with it at 69, the rest was worse. The Anhultz at 66, the Epoch at 64 and the G&W at 61.

The scores of the cars was calculated and the results was as following:
Reference car:0

Being somewhat of the favourite already from the beginning, and beating the other cars at the comparision by quite a lot, it was quite clear that the ANHULTZ was the import of choice. Being the second most economical car when considering both fuel economy and sticker price of course made the choice even more obvious.

Dear CEO of Anhultz

After some intensive testing of your Mimas model, comparing it with models from three other manufacturers interested in a future partnership, we have reached the conclusion that your automobile is the model that was the best one at fulfilling our requirements.

We’re looking forward into the future and what this partnership can lead to, and we hope that you have the possibility to start delivering cars somewhere in the first months of 1984.

Also, we’re very sorry for sending the last letter to your factory in Germany instead of to the headquarters in the Netherlands, and we will do our best to avoid such mishaps in the future.

Best regards,
CEO of IP Automotive LTD.


Sales of the IP Mimas was strong in 1984 and 1985. However, the market changed, and there was somewhat of a reaction on the european manufacturers success story where many buyers saw some sort of pride in buying domestic instead. The IP Mimas didn’t suffer as much as other euro cars since the IP badging still made it somewhat of a domestic car in the eyes of the people, but it still saw its sales falling. In 1988 only half of the cars sold in the record year of 1985 saw new buyers, and when it came to renewal of the contract in 1989, neither IP or Anhultz had any interest in continuing the partnership. It ended up as a small and almost forgotten part in the history of both companies. However, calling the IP Mimas a flop would be unfair, since it was the best selling european built car in the country month after month of 1984, 85 and 86.

Congatulations to @Elizipeazie for winning this competition!
Thanks to @machalel, @stm316 and @DoctorNarfy for participating!


Letter as of early 1991.

Dear CEO of IP Automotive LTD,

apparently, we had some motivational problems a few years ago, when trying to renew our partnership programs and showed little interest in continuing our relation.

After a lot of thinking, countless meetings and quite a bit of arguing because of differing opinions, we came to the conclusion to contact you once again.

Our short time of partnership was a helpful one for both companies and letting that collect dust in our archives seemed like lost potential.
Therefore, we would kindly ask to revive our partnership once again with an altered cooperation model to accomodate the relatively sudden spike in domestic car customers.

Best regards,
CEO of Anhultz

finally i won something :smiley:
that was a great challenge ad thanks to the competing companies for making it more interesting


(Will answer letter in the future, need to expand company lore some years before coming to any good decision and get enough realism in the RP)


well ma lore is far from ´91…
i am at 1960, and participated because i wanted to
you have loads of time answering


Coming to think about it, the lore is partly based on some (very loose) traces of Nissan, and they started their cooperation with Renault in the 90s, could be an interesting twist…well, the future will tell.