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Looking for a new Art Director - Round 2 opened!


Gasmea, 1963. The CEO of CMT, Mr. Christoph Martin Thandor and his Art Director, Frank Moss drank too much whiskey on this summer evening. Thandor, who prefers sausage with french fries over a gourmet steak told Moss, he had no idea of art. The end was that the police had to come and Moss has quit his job. But what to do with the successor of the CMT Enterprise fullsize sedan? This should have been the next project…

Gasmea, 1964. One year left until the debut - and it was the task of the trainee do design the car because project leader Mr. Trimm has been too lazy to care about it. Thandor was shocked. THIS LOOKS LIKE IT COMES WITH A STANDARD CRASH DAMAGE! GET ME MR. TRIMM!!

Head of sales, Joseph Trimm, had only one solution: We must ask the competitors for help. We will not get a new art director within the next six months but we need to proceed NOW. What a shame

Your task?

Design a car based on the body you see - year 1965
The Excelsior should be sold in a wide trim range starting with a simple V6 engine and going up to ultra-luxury V8 models. It would be great if the car fits both.
Customers should recognize it as CMT. I am really not strict here, but its welcomened if you can give it a CMT feel. Get inspiration here.

Your reward?

Hopefully fun when designing the car. The winner will be part of the official canon CMT timeline and mentioned there. If wanted, the winner can get one car from my timeline thread and adapt it for his own company.


April 20 2019

Engineering necessary?

No. The car will be fitted with CMT engines and components. It is just about design

How to take part?

Post screenshots of the car in this thread from front, rear and side like in the screenshots I provided of my shitbox. You can also provide as much detail screens as you like.


**you can archieve up to 5 points in a rating. These are:

  1. Confirmity with year 1965
  2. Elegance
  3. Sophistication
  4. Sportiness
  5. Fitting the CMT brand?**

And yes, I am aware of the fact that it is a purely subjective judging, not really fair in the sense of being objective. But I hope you will have fun anyway.



I’d love to do this, but sticking to my companies lore, theyd be too busy with their first performance car design. good luck for you and other companies though!

(This is just my excuse for being a bad designer lol)


I can design many wonderful things (this only applies if weird means wonderful as I have made some really weird shit) (I will only enter if you want me to)


You can give it a try if you want.

The 2000 Taxi challenge

So they want us to restyle their new-for-'65 car because it currently doesn’t look enough like a CMT? I guess that’s where us users come in.


Almost correct. They ask you to design their car as there is nobody who is able to do a proper car design… I mean, look at that piece of crap in the screens. The Frunian CMT division does not have any resources.


Do we get a .car file to play with? :slight_smile:


I was going to ask the same. There are a couple different wheelbase lengths for that body. Which one are we using? Or are you going to provide a .car file for us to edit?


You are right, I must have forgotten that. I will upload the file when I am home from work.


Here it is.

Excelsior - CL30.car (19.6 KB)


(gets suspicious tools)
(starts randomly doing stuff with car and tools)
EDIT: @CMT I am done and here is my entry Excelsior - CL30E.car (24.5 KB)


"Dear god! This is weird!
“I know boss, but do you really prefer to take our design?”
“Get me the Frunian guy on the phone!”

“I have no idea of Gasmean taste!”
“I dont care, just do it!”

Nobody knew back then that Mr. Trimm will change his job to a shoe company manager and the most iconic slogan was acutally a yell of Mr. Thandor, but well…

This is my own idea for this car. This has no effect on judging, I just did it because I was just curious what I would have done.


I started designing the car before you released the .car file, so my car has completely different underpinnings. Will this be a problem or will you be able to change those things to your spec? cuz I’m finished with the design and only need to do some clean-up thingies.


I am quite sure that I can adapt your styling for my car.
it was my fault not providing the car, so why should I cause you some extra work?


Here is my entry for this challenge:


Are you on Open Beta or stable?


I think this is not important here. I am on stable.


That just means I need to switch back to export, no biggie, done it before

edit: also this challenge is great and i like being an americans


Here is my entry for the challenge. I based the looks of your original design and then I infused it with a bit of 60’s Meijer design language. I hope you like it.

CMT-MD Excelsior - M-V8L4 7000.car (44.8 KB)

Again, sorry for the inconveniences.

Meijer Designs (JDM sportscars)

So… do we need to send in a .car file as well? Or do we just have to post pictures like the op said?