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Looking for a new Art Director - Round 2 opened!


It is optional to send me the car unless you are the winner. Then I need it, before that Screenshots are enough.


Nyeeewwww wingadingawingadingawingawinga…




Full(er) Design

"What are those, square headlights in 1965?"


Looks like the sedan version of a Glas V8.




new photoscenes are cheating


Dear sir, our lad’s from the design center send this sketches.

They said they tried to give it a classy and modern look, but keeping some features from your company lineup but with a new approach.

Hope you like it.



Thanks for the submissions and the time spent for the challenge.

15 hours to go!
Reviews will be done three hours later.


Trying to upload picture now, unfortunately Automation seems to like crashing whenever I try to take a photo… :\


Here’s the car file:
Excelsior - CL30.car (34.6 KB)

Will you accept photos from Beam instead?


Thanks for submitting. Entries closing in one hour.



C.M. Thandor looked at the files on his desk, making his thoughts.


Wow, this is really a … daring … design. Maybe you can build a low-end-brand third world car with such a design, simple, low tooling cost… but no CMT flagship.

Confirmity with year 1965: 3/5
Elegance 1/5
Sophistication 1/5
Sportiness 2/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 1/5


Wow, that is a lot of chrome, looks like an egg-crate grille. And those round taillights that form something like a leaf. Yes, this is really elegant and has the flagship-approach. But overall… this front looks like a 1962 Lord Thunderhorse or Candyllac… hmm… if I would have got this design in 1962, I would have built that car without any doubt. Not bad, but let’s see the others. Our new cars are always plain and progressive and this is Gasmean baroque but at least a quite tasteful one. Can be a license build if they want, to please the conservative people that consider our own cars as to progressive.

Confirmity with year 1965 3/5
Elegance 4/5
Sophistication 4/5
Sportiness 1/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 2/5


Meijer? Frunians design a Gasmean car? Hmm - this looks more plain and CMT-like… but its copying a lot from recent Gasman topsellers… it has a Potomac GTO front and a Chererovlett Corviar rear. Nevertheless, the perfect merge between “rushed and bland” and “ornate sophistication” must be near this car. I could see it as a good standalone coupe, but for the Excelsior sedans, especially the luxury trims, this one is too sporty. But provide them a few chassis and engines, they should sell their draft as Meijer via badge-engineering.

Confirmity with year 1965 5/5
Elegance 2/5
Sophistication 4/5
Sportiness 5/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 4/5


Oh, this is for us? At first I thought this was a brochure for the Chererovlett Chesselle or Impaler. Hmm… I like how our rear looks miles better with only a minor change… that’s genius. It looks simple overall, like a steel buddy that carries you to work and you can throw potting soil, gas cans, crumbling kids or anything else in. As for the entry-level 3000 V6, this would just be it, but for a premium car with V8, leather seats, phonograph… this looks too average - just like a Chererovlett. Let that guys build it on a ladder frame and sign a delivery contract for the new V6 engine. A badge-engineered low-end alternative using our stuff cant’be bad for us.

Confirmity with year 1965: 5/5
Elegance: 2/5
Sophistication 3/5
Sportiness 3/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 2/5


Wow. This is really ahead of its time. But that is not wrong as we go for a luxury flagship. We can easy relate the entry-level trim from this. The only thumb down is that it looks a lot mor Frunian than Gasmean. I would really like to go for it if there wasn’t that little problem. Give this a bookmark and proceed.

Confirmity with year 1965: 4/5
Elegance: 5/5
Sophistication 5/5
Sportiness: 4/5
Fitting the CMT brand?: 4/5

Interesting, it uses a 1963 Lord Fairway 500 front end without copying it too much, adding the rear end of a new Potomac GTO. It is not as elegant as number two and not as sporty as number three, more premium than number four and more Gasmean than number five. It as a good balance between all entries so far. But I can not find much similarities with our lineup. Bookmark!

Confirmity with year 1965: 4/5
Elegance: 3/5
Sophistication: 4/5
Sportiness: 3/5
Fitting the CMT brand?: 2/5


Excellent integration of our badges. Again a perfect match between elegance and sportiness. There is just one thing awkward that makes one point minus in sophistication - the headlights are too complex and the taillights too simple, otherwise I would have immediately selected it as it is still very Gasmean although it has some similarities to number five and fits our own design language. Hmm… bookmark for the next round.

Confirmity with year 1965: 4/5
Elegance: 3/5
Sophistication: 3/5
Sportiness: 3/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 5/5


Looks not luxury, but at least somehow premium. But it’s not really a comfortable cruiser at the first look. It shows reasonable sportiness, especially with that side stripe and the black vinyl roof. And the front sticks the most to our original design but is nowhere as ugly as our car. Good job, it looks very coherent allowing for a high sophistication score. But … I have to make hard descision. The better are the worst enemy of the good. Sorry, I like it and it can be built in license with the use of our parts by the sender, but this won’t be the real CMT.

Confirmity with year 1965: 4/5
Elegance: 2/5
Sophistication: 4/5
Sportiness: 4/5
Fitting the CMT brand?: 3/5



This was a hard choice, as all remaining designs are really good. But the design by @CorsicaUnknown is really the best.

Boss, the candidates for the Art Director job are waiting.

Yes, get them in. I just saw that the winning design has the wrong wheelbase. Show them the winner and then the other finalists, they should combine it to reach the best.

A few days later, Mr. Harold Keller got the job.


A nice design that I could easily see putting around on the streets of the USA :slight_smile:

@cmt I agree with your assessment of my entry. It was definitely more sporty than elegant/luxury. Unfortunately any change I tried to make made it look worse :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note, the car drives quite well when tested on the east coast USA map in Beam using a keyboard. Good job getting it very driveable!


My cars always drive nicely as they are all tested in BeamNG with both keyboard and gamepad before I post them.

The company thread has now been updated. Enjoy!

I hope that this challenge was great fun for all entrants and the honest critique wasn’t too harsh.


I did make a conscious effort not to make it too nice for the base model, however in hindsight I now realise it could have made it nicer to cater better for the full range (things like more chrome and a landau top were considered but ultimately binned).

Congratulations to the finalists for coming up with those handsome designs, and thank you CMT for organising another fun challenge!


It’s not a bad design, so why not putting it in your company story? CMT will deliver some engines if you need some.


I was considering rebadging it and perhaps changing some of the mechanicals to better fit it in one of my own lineups, if that’s fine by you.


Everything fine.


As it looks like you had a lot of fun, I decided to repeat it.

Gasmea, 1973. CEO C.M. Thandor got a few drafts for the new CMT Astrona from product manager Jacques Grenaud. He was upset.

“You are killing this car. This looks like a frog on drugs!”
“The people want an economic car, so we made it a little smaller. We will switch it on FWD and mount smaller engines, and it has more practicality than a classic sedan.”
“You want to ruin my company!”
“The Astrona III has dropping sales, we need to go with the time and what you see here is the future!”
“Maybe the Frunians and Hetvesians will accept that UFO. But the Gasmeans… no way.”
“So… you want a car between the new Astrona and the Excelsior?”
“Indeed, and it has to be slightly larger. We start with six-cylinders and offer a eight-cylinder version. People that want a four-cylinder can go for your economic UFO Astrona, they do not deserve proper cars.”
“So… in the time of ultra-expensive fuel you want me to create a car that is large, a little luxurious and powerful?”
“Yes… large and luxury, as the Gasmeans want… something like a L-Car.”
“But Mr. Keller takes a Sabbatical.”
“Grenaud, I dont care how you do it AS LONG AS YOU DO IT!”

This was the moment when the L-Class was born. CMTs traditionally Gasmean car, too large and expensive for a midsize, too small and frugal for a fullsize, sold in three generations from 1975 to 2011.

Your task - design a good-looking car based on the draft I quickly threw together for you to download. You can change anything you want except the body it is build on. It needs to be basically Gasmean again, but maybe the one or other Frunian is not able to afford the fancy CMT luxury battleships but is bored by the odd new eco Astrona. So you have a little more freedom than in 1965 and I won’t be too strict with “Gasmean taste”. The judging criteria are the same as before, as this worked well last time.

DEADLINE: 4th of May

L-Class - L400i.car (22.1 KB)


oh wait…so… does that mean you aren’t looking for a car that looks like a frog on drugs…?


goes back to the drawing board

EDIT: I don’t know what happened, but this design really just flew out of me. It was like it wanted to become real man. Like I didn’t make it man, I just let it become free to express itself to the world.

(except the annoying clipping issue with the chrome arches… I can’t seem to fix that, can you please pretend its not there? :persevere:)

P.S. Yes, they are ‘flip-over’ headlights.

Car File: L-Class (Machalel) - L400i.car (38.9 KB)


This looks good, but it lacks competition.

No more entries?
I wanted this to run on saturday as I really need to go back to the taxis on sunday.