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Looking for new cars


It is 1955. You are in Calva City, at a soda bar with a few other car company CEOs and Presidents. You are waiting for a customer who is going to take you in the back and discuss business. The bell rings, and three people enter. 2 are intimidating looking guys with what looks like Tommy Gun clips under their coats, and one is a young woman. She tells you she is the customer’s rep. And pulls you into the back room with her two body guards.

“Ok, so we awhile back got some of dem 51’ Callies.” She is refering to the 1951 Calvinator 2 Door Sedan. “They were fast, but now, uh, unwanted attention has them new Model C’s that just came out. They are faster and more agile than the 2 Door. My Boss wants some faster cars, ones faster and cheaper than these Model C’s. I can get you a Model C soon. If you guys can take a look at one, can you make some better cars fo us?”

A little history of Calva City. Since 1923, Calva City was being run by Mafias. One of the worst came into power in 1931, and they are the ones asking for new cars right now. That Mafia is the Hugoni Family, and they are the most dangerous mafia around. They run Calva till 1985, when Police finally crack down on thdm, but without the Hugoni Family, teenage gangs and lesser known Mafias emerge. I would have a Model C to upload, but when the game went totally Unreal, I lost all of the car models I previously had, so give me some time. The only rules are the car needs to be faster and more agile, needs to seat atleast 4 with 1 in the trunk, and be atleast 75% of the price with equal markup percentage (really simple, and their will be a vote for a popular winner).

More info later.


As promised. Here is the rest of the contest.

You were told to meet in the canal right outside Calva City. You get there and around 11pm, a Candy Apple Red 1955 Royal Miara rolls up. Inside is a guy who says that the rep is coming. Then, Thundering down the canal, you see a pair of head lights. The Engine is near deafening. A zip of black passes by you. You turn around and to your astonishment, the car pulls a J-turn and immediately regains grip and thunders towards you. It then slams it’s brakes, and the car stops inches from your knees. The rep you talked to steps out of the car, and you take your first look at the beast in front of you.

Miara Model C - Basic.car (23.3 KB)

“This is the Calvinator Model C, the police have hardtops, but the civilian car only comes as a roadster.”
You look at the Model C, then the Miara, then the Model C, then the Miara. The only difference is the number of exhaust pipes (the Miara has only one dual pipe in the rear) and the wheel stance (Model C has a MUCH Wider stance with MUCH Wider wheels). The Rep then opens the hoods of the cars, and you see the final difference. The Model C has a V8, and the Miara has an Inline 4.

“The Model C goes 155 mph, has a 0-60 mph in under 7 seconds, and has roughly 386 BHP. It can brake at 225 ft and, as you can see, pull a wicked J-Turn. it is much faster and more agile than our 2-Doors. Make a better car, and we will have an exclusive contract with the best 3 companies at most. Oh, and when you are done testing the car and screwing around with it, ditch the Calvinator, I stole it straight from the factory behind their backs.”

-Year: 1955 (model year 1956)
-Speed: Faster by atleast 5 mph
-Drivability: atleast 20 points better
-Price: 75% with Price Markup 40% (mark up the Model C to 40 % and get 75% of that for the price, the Hugoni Family can’t afford Model C’s, the fuel, or the maintenance, they are race cars).


Just wondering, can you actually build something like this yourself? Building something that’s cheaper and has a higher top speed than the Calvinator, that’s easy enough; doing it with that high drivability on the other hand is much harder and require some weird engineering decisions. IMO 15 or only 10 higher drivability would be much more reasonable.


That’s the challenge


So an unbeatable challenge


Apart from the price requirement, which makes absolutely no sense, I’ve done it.

My car

For comparison, your car:


But have you actually built something like this yourself? If the master mechanic behind Calvinator can’t do it, then how can you expect anybody else to?
The only way to achieve 34 drivability is to use the 2-speed automatic, which is absolutely horrible. A 4-speed manual is a far better choice, but it’s not feasible since it’s impossible to get the required drivability.


Cough… Calvinator engineering expertise something something…cough…KHT Dominator…cough…


@Mikonp7 we are engineers in this game; impossible, unbeatable, undoable… they are not in our dictionary
@Dorifto_Dorito is that a challenge accepted?
@chipskate same advice I gave to mikonp7
@squidhead is this that modded Calvinator Gen 2 Model C?


ok, to address the drivability, I will cut the difference in half. It only needs 10 points better drivability than the Model C. But now it must have atleast half second faster accel from 0 to 60mph (0 to 100km/h).


You just bloody edited the last post and made another one. JUST ADD IT TO THE PREVIOUS POST!


Simple mistake. Sorry about that.


No what Ive done is made a car that is faster, cheaper and easier to drive. Sure I had to minmax hard to reach you’re stupidly high driveability rating requirement, but even if I gave it 2 seats, the car’s driveability would still be over 30.


Can you post this car?



Propeller Concorde - Sport.car (32.4 KB)

Propeller sends their regards

Did i win an internet now ?


I think this wins, I will need to check it. I will get back to you when I can.

Hold up, hold your horses. 280 Horse Power? Got that from the transmission pick. I would like to see a picture of a testrun for this propeller car @Mikonp7

@Mikonp7 I hate the metric system. You car is going 270 km/h which is… 169 mph. Your car is faster than the model c. I will need to do some further comparison, but you could just have a deal with Hugoni.


Did you say I was beaten?


How fast is it?


Use your eyes… 173mph


@Dorifto_Dorito You have a contract with Hugoni. Congradulations on your success.