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Lots of my pictures... quite a few interesting


LATEST UPDATE: Goodwood FoS 2017 http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/lots-of-my-pictures-quite-a-few-interesting/2558/27?u=adamd

LATEST: I have a new camera, oooooh shiny. http://discourse.automationgame.com/t/lots-of-my-pictures-quite-a-few-interesting-see-page-3/2558/26?u=adamd

Hi guys,

This year I've been to quite a few shows, and taken quite a lot of photos. Few of the albums can be seen here:


Now, this thread would be worthless without some example pictures!

If you like what you see, please feel free to take a look at the rest any maybe repost your favourites in here. The Classic Motor Show happens in a few days, so I hope to have a ton more photos up from that. Also, I should mention, I am no Killrob, I just do this because I like the cars, I'm by no means a pro photographer.

If you want to subscribe to my photostream, also feel free, and cheers for looking. :slight_smile:


Is that first car made out of wood?


Yeah, it's an old Kit Car that you could get plans for to build from marine ply, with the back glass bit having it's own aluminium frame.


Been to some more shows this weekend, so have some new pictures. :smiley:

First was Pride of Longbridge, so a lot of British stuff:

Second was the Practical Classics Restoration Show, where I didn't get too many pictures but still managed some interesting stuff. Excellent show too.
secure.flickr.com/photos/102973 ... 913633153/

Personally, I think the strangest thing there was this, a Tarpan 233S:


Edd China! We used to love him very much round ere.


Hmm...how is the Tarpan a weird thing? There used to be one parked on my street when I was 7. Rarer today, but not THAT rare of a sight.


Outside of Poland, they don't really exist, at all. This one was brought back by a guy from Practical Classics magazine. (Excluding Greece/Iran, where it was apparently sold.)



More potentially interesting stuff from a big car show last weekend.


Too much MG for my eyes. They're bleeding.

But a renault sports spider! :open_mouth:


Nah, that's probably just an oil leak :stuck_out_tongue:


Or coolant leak/head gasket failure :laughing:


I have found one picture that I did like a lot, I shall explain why.


This - the Mercedes 230 E. Nothing special, you're right. The thing is, this is the first car I consciously remember driving in, it belonged to my grandfather at the time. His Mercedes was of brown colour, the engine had 136 hp and when my grandfather brought me home, I was allowed to climb on his lap and steer up the driveaway, which was a huge deal for me. I was 4. Also a very nice car, very german though.


This show is hosted by MG, so about half of it is just MG. And for all their flaws, I really like the MGF. :unamused: At least one of them was showing signs of head gasket failure on the day though, good old K series. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing special as it is, but sometimes the boring unappreciated stuff is the good stuff. Similarly, my earliest memory is being sat in the back of what I later found out was my parents' old 1985 Toyota Corolla 1.3 GL (this probably explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue:). I quite like crappy cars. A lot of them go along performing their function of getting people from A to B faultlessly, then are scrapped when they get old. For me, that's part of their charm.


Very well spoken. I remember that Toyota Corolla too :mrgreen: It may be crappy.. but some still run today.


I have added more pictures. Most interesting ones are at flic.kr/s/aHsk3YtH7d, the less interesting are at flic.kr/s/aHsk3qV252.


When a Delorean time machine and a flaming Chevrolet Astro are in the less interesting cars... something strange is going on...

It's wooonderful!


Really? A FIAT Panda?
WOW! A Talbot Sunbeam...


They may be common there, but they aren't everywhere. They're classed as classics now and they were at the show, I have photos of them anyway. There is interesting stuff around them.


The old Panda in an intresting car indeed. Cheap, reliable, versatile and also not bad looking at all.
May I start an import of Panda in UK? No... I forgot the wrong steering position in UK :stuck_out_tongue:

However thanks to sharing the photo with us.


If you could get a supply of 4x4 models over here you'd be on to a winner, even with the wheel on the wrong side. :stuck_out_tongue: