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Lots of my pictures... quite a few interesting


Even here the 4x4 have a nice value.


Also importing it to the UK, might require you to fix the headlamps as they are set for LHD European roads, instead of RHD UK roads. other than that, you’re set! Get rich, NOW!


Back again with another massive album, a lot of which may or may not be interesting.



Oh my my what’s back to the future car is doing there :slight_smile:



This year I was extremely lucky to be invited to the Goodwood Festival of Speed by Toyota, for a blast up the hillclimb in one of the historic liveried GT86s on Thursday, the first day. I decided to stay an extra day as it’s a 7 hour drive there, and tickets were only available for the Friday.

There isn’t really any specific order to them, and my batteries all died pretty quickly in the heat. I also managed to get a lot of video, which I will put together at some point and post up. There are also a lot of Toyotas, because it’s me. Anyway, hope you enjoy.


Reviving ye olde thread because I have a new camera to replace my slightly dodgy Olympus. It’s nothing flashy, just a Canon 100D, and I don’t really know what I’m doing yet but - one way to learn!

I expected this to be quite a small local show but it was excellent. Lots of different stuff and a really nice night for it, this was my first time properly out with this camera.



Right, time for some porn.

Again, I was lucky enough to get to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. I went mental and took nearly 3000 photos over a weekend.

These start out a bit slow with the moving shots as I’ve uploaded a few I didn’t mean to, and I didn’t get the hang of it til later on, I was experimenting a lot. Stick with it - there’s some awesome photos of some awesome stuff in the later pages (if I do say so myself).