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Low power on wheels


Hello, I have just noticed that the power availible as shown in tab is singnificantly lower then the max power the engine can produce. Now I understend that it is to be expected as some power is lost in the drivetrain but I dont know how to minimize this lost. The power is different when selecting AWD and different when selecting RWD, that is the only settings I found to change the power avalible at wheels.
can someone explain how can I imcrease the pwoer availible at wheels if it is possible in any way?

idk why is it not showing, this is the image:

this is the “gearing” tab

this is the engine the car is using



Thing that an awd setup has more power losses.

The way to increase power to wheels? Increasing the transmission quality points, select a manual, sequential or DCT gearbox, or increasing the engine power