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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


First try for the 1960/65 body


Wait a hot second, the 3rd of february is a monday


Yes! Changed it to Monday :slight_smile:


Anyone want to see See of information map version of my design?


Yeah! I’m curious to see what can be done with this map!





It’s quite colorful!! I didn’t expect the chrome to turn pink as much! Do you think this map will better suit rather 80’s designs?




Deadline’s past, so I guess now’s as good a time as any


A… slightly modified version of my Callisto.

Don’t let madmen play with your Callisto, kids.


That’s some good stuff! :smiley: I take the special edition, I hope it comes with a fuel sponsorship…


We got 23 entries for the second round, with the competition being a lot stronger overall. Really glad how many participants have sucked up the information from the judging sessions of the first category and really upped their game. This will be a good one. I’ll get some judging recorded most likely today and the judging video will be out soon. Before that I think it is time for Episode 8, so that you get to designing the new car. :slight_smile:


Now entries are done, so here is my proposal!

And there are few feature:

-Roof gutters (Coupé only)
-Webasto-like top (Coupé only)
-Front hindged bonnet
-Rubberised luggage holder
-Elegantly integrated reverse light (in the lower rear right triangle)
-Twin fuel tanks
-Twin exhausts
-Full opening front quarter glass
-Chromed roof embellishment (Convertible only)
-Chromed window frame ( Optional extra for convertible)
-Chromed country badge

If you have any suggestion, i’m happy to hear them! :wink:




Judging for the second category (Jupiter) is now all recorded and edited :slight_smile: good stuff! People have upped their game, the average score has increased from 10.9 to 11.8! Some really cool shots in there. The first part is coming in a few hours.



My mercury picture.


Here Goes the Mercury LSP GTE version




Mercury thing.


Your car is cool. Is my car cool?