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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


In a few hours :slight_smile: was very busy during the weekend and then off the net for three days Monday - Wednesday. Will be recording part 2 of the Phobos judging today as well.


Sad boye gang


I think I have to stop with strong lignts :sweat_smile:

I had two designs to share the BB512 without the blinkers or the 328ish

What have done with your Deimos?


Ughh, again forgot to add the results spreadsheet in the Phobos round. :slight_smile: Here it is!


where is my car?


Hi Killrob why wasn’t my car showed?


You tell me :slight_smile: I didn’t get anything beyond your Mercury submission:


I have it sent




I also have sent it in this


Didn’t get it. Did you send it with a huge picture attachment that didn’t get through due to size?


no… it is literally the same size


Your proposal for the Phobos looks very much like a Fercia (another one of your makes, along with Elwood)… I suspect it actually did begin life as one, before you reworked it for the purposes of this challenge. Anyway, this is your best use (or anyone else’s, for that matter) of the 308/328 body to date.


Thank you for your kind words. Well… the fercia was supposed to be the entry for this challenge, but since there was like a week left for entries, I badged it as a fercia for the trailer submissions, and then I changed it at the end of the week for this. :slight_smile:


hope it isn’t too boring

not edited


I feel like the photo I submitted for the Phobos competition would’ve gotten a higher score by .5 or 1 had it not been the first to be judged. If I’m ever to submit another entry, I’ll submit it as Zarchitecton to get judged last.


Why do you think that? Sounds more like a potential case of you designing something to your taste which I don’t like, so you think it is better than it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soo um can you quikly give my car a rating. Not offical


Well, the average total score in the second episode of the judging on this WAS 0.5 higher, despite the winner and one of the second place cars being in the first, but if mine had been where it should have been (trusting that the score wouldn’t have changed, and I won’t say anything questioning that) then there would have been only a 0.2 difference in those numbers.

One car, the 3rd entry in the first Phobos judging episode, isn’t included on that chart, due to it having been submitted by “Automation.” It scored 5.5 and 6.


There were a lot of little details that you either did not point out or did not notice on my design and photo, that you did for other entries, especially on photos from the second round of judging