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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


I think this is down to your bias towards your entry, mate. I took another look at the picture and the scores and think they are spot on. Only thing where I am on the edge is if the design is a 7 or 7.5 to me.


Sure, so I scrolled up and found it. Here it is again:

Design: I quite like the design. While the front and rear have similar shapes to them, the front seems quite different (but also good on its own). Three vents on the side-rear is too much though. :stuck_out_tongue: 6.5

Photo: Decent, but has a straight-through flow to it from left to right that the viewer doesn’t return from. A little crammed in there with how close the cars are to the frame and to each other. Can’t see the vanishing point on the horizon / road. Okay light, a little flat, and the colors are all rather cold. 5.0



Actually, you know what, you’re right. The scores you gave me were fine. It’s just that one of the entries from the second round got a higher design score than mine and it bugs me because, in my opinion, it wasn’t very good looking, nor did it look like there was as much effort put into it as mine. That’s how I feel, and I’m sorry if it looks I’m being arrogant and conceited. I’m just upset that I can never make into the top three because you and I have different opinions on what looks good and what doesn’t.


When is the Deimos judging coming Rob?


A little too much right now with SARS-Cov-II / financial collapse prep and work with the new patch coming. :slight_smile: Probably going to have the time for it this weekend!


Take your time man. Stay safe, we can wait :smile:


The country is going into lockdown mode over the next 2 days, so some more prep was required :slight_smile: didn’t get to judging as I also had to get some work in the office done. Won’t be able to get there for a longer time so that was a good move. At least now I’m done with the outside world for a while and can start rearranging things on the inside. :stuck_out_tongue: How many of you are on lockdown already?

Gotta get this LCV4 release out there too :s


not compulsory yet, just heavily suggested, prob will become compulsory in the next couple of days as people are having picnics and shit.


I mean, I’m in CA, lockdown is supposed to be compulsory, yet I see large groups of people congregating at places.


In France we are in lockdown since 17th of February and… I’m already bored of it…

To make myself busy, I redo all the cars from all the eras in the game… I’m already in the late 80’s…

It’s going to be hard not to turn crazy!!


You wanted to say March 17th ? You are already losing track of time ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



You’re right!! You see? I’m going mad!!!


Online teaching is mostly in effect here in Indonesia, but sadly I can’t say the same for offices, it seems a lot of them haven’t given time off. I think the older, less savvy bosses in charge don’t properly understand the gravity of the situation which is infuriating. I heard some dumbos are still needlessly going out. Still relatively early days at 600 cases, but of course the earlier the better.

Somehow I’m still quite busy here at home, doing college work. Oh, and automation really pulls my time so no thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue:


So, maybe we will have a chance to win if you’re too busy to be at your top level :rofl:


in our country, work from home somehow means to some people are a vacation, which is why the beach are packed, so maybe the bosses thinks, better that these dumbos work and be productive at the office than going to the beaches, both still have risk, but at least in offices we makes sure u get sanitized and some vitamins to keep you at least healthy, in contrary to the jam packed with people beach which actually a lot more riskier, of course work from home will be better and ideal if the PEOPLE are DISCIPLINED and don’t make light of the Covid-19 ( some says : we better afraid of gods not some stupid viruses) which is in my opinion quite stupid


btw, if there is anyone offended by my comment, then i am very sorry… quite annoyed with people ignoring a global problem, also country order, and make light of it ( the virus and country order) it makes us that haven’t infected yet at more high risk


Well, first hand experience with my father’s office tells me the higher ups are simply less savvy… they believe online working is ineffective and unreliable, something my dad has already proven wrong. Not sure how it goes with other places but that’s one reason. Meanwhile my dad’s office has finally agreed to implement online working.

But I digress, this isn’t a coronavirus forum! :stuck_out_tongue:




Photomode is megaborked
We’re gonna have to use stable, are we :frowning:


We’re going to fix the 4:3 issue once we find out why it does that :slight_smile: working fine in editor, proper 16:9