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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


What about us 21:9 people? :joy:

I swear I’m becoming the “display guy” with the weird display and resolution settings…


“Helpful display guy” though xD
21:9 should work again too if it did before? If it always was 16:9 it should be back to that… we just fixed the issue.


It’s back to 16:9, what it always has been. Not to derail the discussion from the challenge, but that is a good idea @Killrob… having the option of aspect ratios in the photo scenes! Not to give you more work or anything…


I’ll bring it up with the artists :slight_smile:



Nah, first the judging of the Deimos, then ^ :stuck_out_tongue:


RIP indeed :pensive: really hoped it would go on, I kinda wanted to see how people would improve even more over time.

Now that it’s cut short like this please don’t kill me for having blitzed the entire competition guys okay I’m sorry


I’m just happy that the campaign continues! Thanks for finishing the playthrough @Killrob. I’ve made a design for each model so far, even if I didn’t submit each for judging. The Ganymede is done - it was a fun one! I can’t wait to post the full line-up at the end :smile:


Now that Lowe Tek has officially gone under, here is the final lineup as created by yours truly. The Royal Green was the company staple through the years, although some other colour option were more desireable through the years. True collectors know though, if you want the real Lowe Tek, you buy a green one.

The Saturn, the one that started it all.

The Jupiter, the one that was almost a pony.

The Mercury, the one that was little success.

The Phobos, the one that was a little ahead of its time.

The Deimos, the one that was an 80s stop-gap.

The Ganymede, the one that could’ve saved the company.

The Charon, the one that bankrupted the company.

Looking forward to the next series! :slight_smile: