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Lusocosta (LC) motors and GV (Garagem Victoria) comercial vehicles


i am a fan of classics


The issue with fender mirrors are that they dont give you as good visibility as side door mirrors, are a pain in the arse to adjust and a because they’re further away from you, the image is a lot smaller which is annoying for people with poor eyesight.

The only real benefit of a fender mounted mirror is that on certain cars it looks good. The same cannot be said for yours.




Put any of those low-displacement, high-revving engines in a small, light sports car and you won’t have so much of a trim/variant mismatch.


you aren’t harsh just realistic


3rd try

look better? i liked the rear so i didn’t changed
and now is turbo (eco spec) with 171hp 6.6l/100km at 6200rpm with 213Nm at 5300rpm


Great competitor to HA!


today i present the LC flagship car the Lusitania:

and a new engine displacement:


Lusitania is the top of line in LC range, exclusive, discreet, trustworthy in safety, reliable, your LC of always.
With close 5 meters and engines starting 2.2 to 5.2 litres, and trims in luxurious materials in trims called Burgo+ and Imperador.
I humbly challenge you to try it.:bowing_man:
LC Lusitania 2.2 Burgo+:
Lusitania - burgo .car (37.1 KB)

LC Lusitania 3.2 Burgo+:
Lusitania - burgo .car (37.1 KB)

LC Lusitania 3.4 Burgo+:
Lusitania - burgo .car (37.1 KB)

LC Lusitania 5.2 Imperador:
Lusitania - Imperador .car (37.1 KB)


an nice rival to the P-540.thx for that car


LC’s first car the 2015 LC Picto:

inspired in old and forgotten late 50s early 60s AGB IPA prototype( the info is in Portuguese sadly for you guys) this 4 seater city car is equipped with 1 litre inline 3 N/A direct injection giving 71 hp at 6200 RPM .
the price is 15.108€
Picto - Basico.car (27.8 KB)


today i present the new LC Tartar, c-segment car equiped with 1.2 N/A and 1.4 Turbocharged engines. in this moment only in 5 door hatchback

LC Tartar 1.4T
Tartar - basico.car (33.7 KB)

LC Tartar 1.2
Tartar - basico .car (34.9 KB)


prices are:
1.2- 21.230€
1.4- 23.203€


Today i present you guys the 1st model in GV model range, the GV Douro
GV was a brand founded in 1975 in Santarém after the carnation revolution of 25 of April of '74 and started the business making under license the Romanian off-roader ARO 240 called PORTARO and the Romanian truck ROCAR TV 4WD called GV Tagus, the deference between the Portuguese and their Romanian counterparts was better material/building quality and using VOLVO petrol engines for PORTARO and DAIHATSU diesel ones for PORTARO and Tagus, close in 1995 after disagreements between GV the ARO company and portuguese goverment.
in late 2017 is adquire by LC for exclusuvely make comercial and military vehicles .
Now about the GV Douro, is a mid sized pick up with engine range starting with 2000cc to 3200cc in petrol 4wd for all versions, diesel engines are planned.