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Lusocosta (LC) motors


Created in 2015, by T.F.R.Costa in Odivelas, with the dream of build a completed designed and build Portuguese car brand to fulfilled all segments in E.U. car markets


LusoCosta Avar/Magiar
is a semi-premium 6 seater, column sifted mid-sized family car ( D-segment) with engines spanning from v6 1600cc to v8 3400cc petrol

Avar 1.6 v6 (150hp)
only add 1 thing, this is a beast of a car, because the safety systems the car weights more than 1500kgs
all engines are N/A
we are studying in future diesel engines ( possibly a 2000cc I5 supercharged diesel or 1800cc I5 )


@Lusobyzantine why 1.6 V6 ?why dont use a straight 4 or other inline engine ? :wink:


Lancer from 1999 had 1.6 V6 140Hp and this was normal thing.
BTW how much that car needs fuel for 100km?


@Lorenztypeok but its strange for me .What is the year of the car ?




in this moment 9.2 l/100


V6 & V8
2018 European car

Choose two.
Also, how much power does the 3.4 V8 have?

@Lorenztype No, it wasn’t normal, the norm is something common, and this was extremely uncommon. Except this and Mazda MX-3 I know no other sub-2.0 sixes after the WW2. And even those 2-litre ones were either a) BMW, and they were all about I6s, b) Italian, and therefore forced by Italian heavy taxes on anything above 2.0.


325 hp


v8 version bodywork photos


What’s the point then of making an exclusive engine (as a V8 in this segment surely is one) with the power of a modern turbo four?


It is a whim of mine


Your designs aren’t up to date or modern.


That we agree, i need improve the designs🤔


Avar projecto 2:

now looks more modern, right ?


now i present the sw version the LC Magiar

share all engines with sedan version less 3.4


today i present the last variant of Avar( Avar L) and the minibus LC Brutus
Avar L:


the specs and trims i present tomorrow( because im tired now)


now the tims of LC brand and specs Avar/Magiar and Brutus and some characteristics.

the trims:

Rural: is the most basic trim in LC cars, only use in commercial vehicles or entry level in some markets( ex. South America, Eastern Europe) consists in cloth seats, chauffage, mecanical windows, some have power-assisted steering, basic safety measures, non radio inclued

Basico: entry level in the most LC vehicles: consists in full cloth seats or half cloth half leather seats, front electric windows, power-assisted steering, some have air conditioning in front and power mirrors, up to date safety measures, fm/am radio with 2 speakers and 2 tweeters aux jack

Burgo: medium range trim in LC vehicles: consists in half cloth/half leather seats or full leather seats, air conditioning in front or split front and back seats system, heated seats, modern premium infotainment, power windows in front and rear seats,electric seats in front, power mirrors.

Burgo+: top range trim in LC vehicles: consists in full leather or half leather half suede seats, air conditioning split front and back seats, cooled and heated seats, all seats are electric ( front and back) with memory position in front and helping system to leave the car, modern premium infotainment, lighter jack in back seats, and hot/cold cup holders.

the specs i present in part 2


the specs:

Avar sedan:
trims available:; Burgo; Burgo+( the v8 versions are only in Burgo+)
engines: 1.6; 1.8; 2.0; 2.2; 3.2; 3.4
1.6: 1605 cc v6, 154hp/7000rpm, 7.4L /100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 1684kg
1.8: 1805 cc v6, 169hp/7000rpm, 7.5L/100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 1691kg
2.0: 2004 cc v6, 179hp/7000rpm, 7.6L/100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 1697kg
2.2: 2205 cc v6, 196hp/7000rpm, 8.0L/100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 1704kg
3.2: 3203 cc v8, 303hp/7000rpm, 9.1L100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 1788kg
3.4: 3405 cc v8, 318hp/7000rpm, 9.4L100KM, N/A direct injection,RWD, 1794kg

Magiar ( wagon version of Avar)
trims available: Burgo; Burgo+ ( 2.2 v6 and v8 version only in Burgo+)
engines: 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 3.2
the power are same the weight and fuel consumption differs
1.6: 7.5L/100km, 1631kg
1.8: 7.7L/100km, 1707kg
2.0: 7.7L100km, 1713kg
2.2: 8.1L/100km, 1720kg
3.2: 9.2L/100km, 1804kg

Avar L (Liftback)
trims available: Basico, Burgo
engines: 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0
the Liftback version is sort of entry level in Avar models
1.4: 1400 cc l4, 102hp/5800rpm, 5.6L/100km, Turbocharged direct injection, RWD, 1624kg
1.6:7.1L/100km, 1637kg
1.8:7.2L/100km, 1645kg
2.0:7.3L/100km, 1651kg


Brutus microbus is based in mid sized commercial van from the sister company GV( Garagem Victoria), specialized in working vehicles.

The specs:

  • exist in 6 or 8/9 seats
    -trims available: Burgo; Burgo+
    -engines: 2.0; 2.2
    2.0: 2004 cc v6, 179hp/7000rpm, 10,2L/100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 2410kg
    2.2: 2205 cc v6, 196hp/7000rpm,10,8L/100km, N/A direct injection, RWD, 2417kg