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Lusocosta (LC) motors


The only things right with these cars are… that they are cars - have wheels, lights, mirrors and stuff. Why so small V6s? Why small N/A engines? Why fender mirrors?


Maybe from old cars.


OK i explain, were i came from, a 6 cylinder car is luxury, still exists in many people the idea of a car with more than 2 litres of displacement is a huge engine ( mostly because the old taxation of cars, any car with more than 1.8 litres pay 4x more than under) , sincerely I’m not a fan of turbos
the fender mirrors, well the idea is you can look the side mirrors without taking the eyes of the road you are driving.


i am a fan of classics


The issue with fender mirrors are that they dont give you as good visibility as side door mirrors, are a pain in the arse to adjust and a because they’re further away from you, the image is a lot smaller which is annoying for people with poor eyesight.

The only real benefit of a fender mounted mirror is that on certain cars it looks good. The same cannot be said for yours.




6 cylinder always meant and still means at least premium in most of Europe, and I’m definitely European. As are Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Volvo (on Chinese money, but still European) - but they use mostly or exclusively 4 pot engines in their non-sporty premium cars of this class. Merc offers one non-sporty 6 in the C-class, BMW offers 3, 2 of them being diesel and all having the same displacement.

2 litre = huge engine - that’s basically every single southern European tax system (at least in the not-so-distant past) in a nutshell. You’re not a fan of turbos, you say? So are you a fan of cars that are snails unless you rev them hard in your daily driving? Because that’s what you get with 1.7-1.8 ton cars with 160-220 Nm… That’s a 90s shitbox power/weight ratio for low/medium revs. Oh, and you say that for exceeding 1.8 litre you get 4 times higher tax? Then why did you make the worst engine for such scenario - with 1.805 cc capacity? $ times higher tax just for that 5 cc. Same with the 2.0, that one for example gets 6 times higher excise in Poland just for that 4 cc.

Yes, I’m harsh.


Put any of those low-displacement, high-revving engines in a small, light sports car and you won’t have so much of a trim/variant mismatch.


you aren’t harsh just realistic


3rd try

look better? i liked the rear so i didn’t changed
and now is turbo (eco spec) with 171hp 6.6l/100km at 6200rpm with 213Nm at 5300rpm


Great competitor to HA!


today i present the LC flagship car the Lusitania:

and a new engine displacement:


Lusitania is the top of line in LC range, exclusive, discreet, trustworthy in safety, reliable, your LC of always.
With close 5 meters and engines starting 2.2 to 5.2 litres, and trims in luxurious materials in trims called Burgo+ and Imperador.
I humbly challenge you to try it.:bowing_man:
LC Lusitania 2.2 Burgo+:
Lusitania - burgo .car (37.1 KB)

LC Lusitania 3.2 Burgo+:
Lusitania - burgo .car (37.1 KB)

LC Lusitania 3.4 Burgo+:
Lusitania - burgo .car (37.1 KB)

LC Lusitania 5.2 Imperador:
Lusitania - Imperador .car (37.1 KB)


an nice rival to the P-540.thx for that car


LC’s first car the 2015 LC Picto:

inspired in old and forgotten late 50s early 60s AGB IPA prototype( the info is in Portuguese sadly for you guys) this 4 seater city car is equipped with 1 litre inline 3 N/A direct injection giving 71 hp at 6200 RPM .
the price is 15.108€
Picto - Basico.car (27.8 KB)


today i present the new LC Tartar, c-segment car equiped with 1.2 N/A and 1.4 Turbocharged engines. in this moment only in 5 door hatchback

LC Tartar 1.4T
Tartar - basico.car (33.7 KB)

LC Tartar 1.2
Tartar - basico .car (34.9 KB)


prices are:
1.2- 21.230€
1.4- 23.203€