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M240i 6-speed


Just two days ago, I flew up to San Francisco to pick up my car. 2 days later, and after 10 hours of driving, I’m home with my new beauty! It’s “certified pre-owned”, so an extra year of warranty, fresh Pilot Super Sports, and a full inspection for rust and other defects.

The transmission feels wonderful, the engine pulls very hard (as in comparable to my father’s M4 DCT), and I’m in love with the color! I’ll update this soon with a cold start and maybe more.


It’s not an M2 Competition or CS - those are more expensive and, in the latter case, limited production only - but an M240i is the next best thing; it’s still fast and agile enough, and I like the fact that you bought a manual example - a rarity in a market dominated by all manner of self-shifters.


Thank you for #SaveTheManuals
Awesome car, congrats!