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Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)


@Rk38 you too! Come on, we’re waiting!


We’re still waiting on Saminda who started this remember.

That said we I expect the Reveho will be the next vehicle we post on here. :wink:


Oh I’ve posted it months ago. It’s YOUR part of the Deal we’re all waiting for.


Oh, allright. I thought you wanted it in your thread

Edit : @awildgermanappears You may go around dropping mics on people now.


Maesima to shift production towards SUVs amid sluggish sedan sales.

Maesima Motor Corporation logo seen at the company world headquarters in Anikatia.

ANTIYTIA, ANIKATIA - Maesima Motor Corporation is looking to increase it’s output of SUVs as global demand for this market grows.

The Anikatian automaker aims to boost sales by nearly 50% compared with the 2015 fiscal year. This comes as global sales for sedans slows and minivans lose out to the ever growing SUV boom.

Maesima intends to increase mixed model production within its factories while expanding it’s SUV lineup. To achieve this Maesima plans to shift production away from existing sedans and minivans and towards greater SUV capacity.

These reports show that a new SUV model will replace and act as a substitute for the minivans. Which Maesima plans to stop developing and manufacturing soon. If true this could signal the end of the Levitas minivan which was introduced in 2012 and subsequently updated in 2016.

The company plans to introduce new sporty compact crossover SUV for the Chinese market. It is expected to be called the MQX-2 and to be produced locally at its factories in Wuhu, China.

The Wuhu plant currently makes non-SUV cars like the Prova but has spare capacity to make the new MQX-2. This will free up room at the companies main facilities in Namju, Anikatia.

Which will shift some of the production of the Levitas to its Somju plant freeing up room at the Namju plant to boost MQX-4 production.

At the same time, Maesima will shift some output of the Prova from Namju to its plants in Mexico. It will also boost production of the MQX-5 in Thailand and gear up a facility in Vietnam for greater MQX-4 production.

“It’s the way the market moves, compact cars and sedans are out of favour, we have to cut the production. Consumers are shifting from cars to crossovers and trucks.” said Danielle Hayes, Managing Director at Maesima USA.

"With the MQX-4, we’re killing it, Hayes said. “The Prova, Avellca and Levitas are great products. We’re just seeing people go to the SUVs.”


I actually feel more news like this in this thread actually spice things out

I expect to see the MQX-3 a direct competitor to Saminda CR-e which is also a Chinese market only SUV


We lose another to the SUV menace :’(


In light of recent events KHT has announced the closure of it’s supercar and tuning facilities to make room for a 7 seater SUV Hybrid. But then the KHT CEO got sober and apologized for his behaviour.


Shhh, who told you about the as of yet unveiled MQX-3? Although it certainly isn’t going to be a Chinese only vehicle it’s a global platform :wink:

@DeusExMackia Well at least we haven’t bin’d our V6s for Hybrids…yet anyway. When will Erin come to the dark side? I can already see the buyers lining up for it. At least you should make one of those Subaru/Audi type raised AWD wagons version for the Tauga estate.

@squidhead Somehow, I bet it would still managed a ring time faster than the C2000R :joy:


@Rk38 Well that might be one route we go down. Build a raised wagon. And version like that of the Tauga would be awesome…

But christ. We’re not going to the dark side until every last company has done so before us. Long live the sedan, hail normality!


BREAKING NEWS: Erin goes bankrupt after not making a single SUV for their lineup. :stuck_out_tongue:

The demand for SUV’s is quite intense these days and I can see why. SUV’s are pretty good looking IMO.


Or you can build an oversized crossover that has enough road presence to fool people into thinking it’s an SUV (you know… Subaru XV)


IMP created another Brand for that kind of thing, so the main Brand Name doesn’t get… filthified.


@Speedemon “CEO reportdely seen outside Erin HQ’s slamming fist on ground and shouting at the sky in Planet Of The Apes-style fit of rage”

@ramthecowy Never crossovers…never crossovers…never crossovers!

@Awildgermanappears Bu…bu…but Erin is only a medium sized independent company! We don’t have the funds to set that up! And what about the race team? :’(

Good god. Could you imagine the WTCC if all the sedans and low end coupes of the world disappeared, and all we were left with were hatchbacks and Vauxhall Mokka’s with massive rear wings…


Maesima announces $1.4 billion expansion of US facilities in the face of Trump threats.

Maesima Motor Corporation logo seen at the companies Toluca plant in Mexico.

ANTIYTIA, ANIKATIA - Maesima Motor Corporation has defended its Mexican production plants despite Trump’s threats.

However, the Anikatian automaker is looking to work with the new administration to ensure the best economic outcomes.

Maesima has announced a $1.4 billion dollar expansion of US production facilities in Decatur, Alabama. The Maesima Manufacturing Assembly Plant Alabama, Inc. (MMAPAL).

While the company opened a Mexican plant with an annual capacity of 500,000 units. To shield itself from currency swings and to cultivate the North American market.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was a key consideration in picking the location because Maesima would be able to utilise cheaper Mexican labour and enjoy the tariff-free arrangement for exports to the U.S.

It’s Mexican plants located in Toluca the major producer of the companies compact vehicles like the Prova. Which is already experiencing lagging sales, because of stagnation in the compact car segment within North American market due to low fuel prices and the SUV boom.

Danielle Hayes, Managing Director at Maesima USA said in a statement. “While our plant in Mexico is an extremely important strategic base. It’s important to note that we produce for the global stage, not only for North America.We should be able to divert a lot of Mexican production to serve other global markets that require our vehicles.”

The threats from Trump to renegotiate NAFTA undermine the companies original North American market strategy, which relied on a strong presence in Mexico.

Maesima Chairman Sim Dong-hyun felt that NAFTA should be maintained for the benefit of the entire automotive industry and said. “We will closely follow the policies of the next president of the United States.”


Well we felt that we are more unlucky , we just wasted 400million dollars on our Mexico plant that are already half way done … we still not decided what are the plans now.


Yeah, we’re still a bit stuck with what to do with the Prova. As it only comes from Mexico for the North American market and small car sales are down in the US anyway. So maybe we will have to import them from Asia instead…


Pssst Maesima sell the factory back to Trump’s merchandise company/his daughters designer fashion line


@Rk38 There’s always Europe! I mean that market isn’t totally overcrowded as it is at all :joy:


It’s expensive for foreign car makers to build cars there.