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Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)


Good point. There is a potential for them to be built in Mexico and then to export, but still…


1.4 million wouldn’t even get you decorations for your existing factories :smile:


:joy: Oops, that was meant to be a billion.

@DeusExMackia then we have to deal with all the uncertainties with Brexit and stability of the EU. Plus the great expense like @Starfish94 mentioned.

At the moment the UK, Japan, Australia, etc get Anikatian production since those are for RHD markets. While our South East Asian production usually covers European, Middle Eastern, etc markets.

Actually, if it weren’t for the sanction Russia might be a good European production centre but we’ll have to see how things go!


Good luck for Maesima to sell in Japan , “gaijin” car makers just dont work well here.


Maesimas will sell unlike unreliable pieces of… Oh wait, I mean Samindas.



Saminda are confident that it will sell more than Maesima in it own domestic market.


[corporate]# S A V A G E[/corporate]


Of course Saminda will sell more, but for 10 sold cars 15 of them will become a subject for another recall :laughing:


Ive got a question, how much of a backstory does Anikatia have?


Did you read the first post?

Hint: it will take you a while :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, i was asking since i found a wiki page when typing in maesima in google


Oh, that’s iiwiki, a fan-made wiki kind of thing - as in, Rk38 probably made it himself :grin:



http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Anikatia :open_mouth:
@Rk38 Wat.


Jesus christ you went all out on that, man
Big :heart: to you


@Rk38 I thought some of us went pretty darn deep with the whole RP aspect, but you’ve blown that out of the water…


first that Anikatia page
and now this?

Yeah, I might as well stop my company altogether, my lore pales in comparison with this.


Well, @Dorifto_Dorito I suspect you’ve have stumbled upon the iiwiki stuff. Unfortunately, a fair amount of it is outdated and in dire need of updating especially the whole history of the nation and most of the company pages are a little bare.

But you are correct Anikatia does have a bit of backstory including a fair bit in the game of nationstates within the region of Pardes. However, I’ve adjusted things to fix within automation and our real world setting. So that means scaling things down and no more fancy tech like domestically developed submarines, aircraft and fewer automotive companies etc.

@szafirowy01 I believe it is pretty much exclusively used for nationstates lore stuff

@ramthecowy @DeusExMackia Haha, yeah the Evoka predates my automation stuff so I simply shop’d it then tried to recreate that in Automation. If you want to see the true extent of stuff I made for it check out all of the articles :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, you’re making all of this all by yourself? Absolutely no collaboration or anything?


Well pretty much most of the articles relating to Anikatia and varies maps, logos and vehicles are pretty much just me but it was a collaborative effort of the region for the whole world buildings and shared histories etc. That was the fun part interconnecting histories and all the jazz. Sadly that region has kind of died off. We had some great world builders. Still, the Anikatia project will live on, though.

You can check out the extent of information collaboratively produced for the region on here


I bow to you, o master of roleplay and Anikatia
I am but worthless scum