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Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)


This is brilliant stuff. Remind me to go back to discussing whether and how various lores ought to be interconnected. Mine’s on hold, and has a number of extreme reality bending liberties (well, really only one: cartoon funny animal people alongside humans instead of just humans), because at this rate it’s entirely possible that we could eventually really graduate from having to rely on real world comparisons to having a standalone world… or even parallel multiverses provided the parallels were compatible.


@Rk38 This is genuinley insane, how long did it take you to build all of this?

Another question, did any of this happen to end up on/to be related to NationStates?


@strop Yeah, it can be tricky to fit into various lores. I’ve found It always pays to be flexible and not too harsh of rule or limits. For the region of Pardes it started out as merely a place within the vast mega world if you will of nationstates but we ended up switching to a closed world. Thus creating an alternate planet or parallel world. In Pardes, I helped on some map work thanks to discovering a couple of excellent freeware map projection tools.

So it was really fun to actually bring together a little working map which you can interact with here (Warning: it’s fairly graphically intense! Note: if the map looks messed up with the colours try turning off the atmosphere…you can then check out the height map :wink: but then if you turn it back on should be working fine again) So I’ll include an image of it

But it’s an interesting question for Automation as at the moment we effectively have an alternate world with only three known nations. I believe there is certainly enough creativity within the community here that we could create a self-sustaining alternate world so to speak.

@DeusExMackia Well, it’s a long story! It originally and in some ways still is based around a little story idea/pet project of mine. That took place in this fictional world primarily taking place in Anikatia plus around seven other nations I’d created in an earth-like world. I had a rough idea back then nearly ten years ago. So naturally I also created some fictional companies this included automotive ones like Anikatian Auto Union (AAU), DHB etc.

Now where does nationstates fit in? Well I created a simple page for [Anikatia] (https://www.nationstates.net/nation=anikatia) just to help with my process. After a long time I decided to interact with the forums there. But only really with a silly little storefront. But then I was later invited by someone into Pardes and that was that :stuck_out_tongue: From that point naturally things become more collaborative and you get unexpected but interesting results. I’d say this was the result of around maybe four years of on and off work in my spare time.


You are a God. With every post you reveal more, the more impressive it gets.


@rk38 well i may have just started a couple of countries in nation states… Also sorry for digging this stuff up. I kinda stumbled upon it yesterday when i decided to see if i could find maesima on google. It was just that i did not expect to find an entire wiki page on it. :wink: I mean, ive made many different lores for stuff that i made (mainly in space engineers and for my mecha drawings) but nothing on the scale of anikatia


@Rk38 That’s so awesome dude. Especially that virtual globe, I need me one of them :smiley: Glad to see we have a fellow NationStates-er on here, I think my countries have all long since died so I’d have to resurrect them to show you, but daaaamn! 389th in the world for Auto Industry size, that I am jealous of :wink:


@ramthecowy only to those who inhabit that world :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dorifto_Dorito No worries, in some ways I’m supposed I’m surprised it hasn’t popped up earlier. But yeah, I suppose it did get a little out of hand :sweat_smile: I’d y’know still like to have a proper wiki style setup one day with full detailed pages for every car. Actually, that’d be a cool feature for Automation…maybe we should create one of those dedicated wikis for us.

@DeusExMackia Yeah whoever created that map to globe site is a legend! If you create a map you can upload it on there or even just generate one from the site. I had a couple of close calls with Anikatia and I did create a few more but none have the significance it does :wink: Hehe, that took some hard work! At least those stats now match the absurdly outdated iiwiki Automotive Info for Pardes


One user did create an actual website years ago but I think the community wasn’t ready for it then, so there was a lot of ‘what’s the point of this’ and the reception was generally hostile.

However with ongoing input of this kind, it could be done organically. Although it’d take a lot of investment and we’d have to iron out a lot of ground rules and housekeeping.


This would certainly be really cool, but I think it would be very difficult, especially for my style of lore. Personally, I find context to be extremely important: What economical factors influenced this design? What cars was it inspired by? What cars did it compete with? So this would require an extremely established world history and automotive industry, which would be hard to do in Automation without stepping on everyone’s toes.

@rk38 Just wanted to say that the leading causes of death chart nearly made me fall off my chair laughing :joy:


I personally assume that my companies exist in a variation of our real world with the main difference being the real car industry fully replaced by Automation one. All history, economy, country characteristics, car market trends are the same. Maybe that’s the solution?


You have to draw a line somewhere in the ‘realism versus interpretation’, especially when it comes to future building.

Also, interpretation of real world industry and real world politics could cause a lot of… controversy :joy: especially in this day and age of hairy chested tribalism


I don’t really get your point about interpretation…

And BTW, I think that this can be treated as some kind of a mark of success - now long semi off-topic discussions involving real world things happen not only in Saminda thread, but also here, in Maesima one :smile:


I mean this bit:

If you mean that some user created car companies fill this role, but not others, then that’s fine, because several of us here have attempted to extrapolate on the state of the industry to fantasise and fictionalise on what we might have done or what we would like to do which isn’t happening in reality (e.g. in the Australian user base, we share a common view that auto manufacturing being neglected here has been a very bad thing so we’ve responded by making fictions where this is being addressed… but that sure as hell isn’t happening in real life with our regressive parliament being what it is.)

But of course if we did and tried to make it part of a singularly consistent community lore, then reality is no longer the best point of reference.


Reality as “real car industry” or “real world”?


If the real car industry didn’t reflect the real world, can you call it a real car industry? :open_mouth: Or did you mean something else?


Wait, what? Now I have no idea what are we talking about :smile:

I try to understand this:

What do you mean here by “reality”? And point of reference for what exactly?


LOL ok maybe there was a misunderstanding and I perhaps haven’t been very clear. Let me backtrack:

This works in part because there are those who have taken up the mantle of replicating large scale companies that form the backbone of a real car industry. For example, we can see that Saminda/Auxaras is basically Honda and its related brands. Maesima is like some hybrid of Hyundai that modernised into a Mazda design language. Similarly, Znopresk Automobil, along with BMMA etc. is a European conglomeration and while it doesn’t quite have the same equivalent of FIAT or say VW etc. the parallels are there. There are other examples where the lore hasn’t yet been as visibly fleshed out.

Then you have companies that have a big presence here on the forum that don’t really have much of a real life equivalent. One big one that comes to mind is Baltazar Automoveis, which in forum lore is Brazilian owned, but as far as I know there’s no major Brazilian-owned, based and run automobile manufacturer in real life. Even Maesima is based on a fictional country that is a mishmash of (?) ex-Communist and South Korea.

That is to say, speaking purely from the hypothetical situation of trying to put everybody’s lore into the same world or even parallel multiverse, we do have to define some kind of scope for ‘variation from real world’ here, because each variation from the real world changes the dynamic significantly: creating industry where none existed before will alter import/export dynamics depending on trade agreements between countries, much more so if the countries are fictional. It’s easy enough to paper over if you’re some bespoke tuning house with a tiny clientele far enough removed from these general considerations, but for the real heavy lifting of world building, all the questions have to be answered or we might end up with entries that we can’t engage with at all, such as everything Calvinator :joy:


Airborne Automotive works as kinda Maserati/Ferrari/Porsche/Audi hybrid to add


Crikey! Even that is a lot of info! You amaze me with you dedication to all this!


Looks like someone really loves Mazda. And I like that!