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Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)


“Dynamic”? Please, Maesima, don’t do this to yourself, only Audi tacks on [rainbow]Dynamic[/rainbow] at the end of everything.


You’re the only one who managed to make the C7 body look good. Kudos.

Also creeping very very close to the Hypero.

Superb machine. Eager to see its full stats.


Another company tempted on Saminda? Cool xD


That design… That writing… Teach me, my master.


Green Hell lap time? :slight_smile:


I must admit this thing is one of the best-looking cars I have ever seen from this company. But is it rear-wheel drive? And if you were to actually put this car into production, what changes, if any, would you make? Finally, why did you use a twin-turbo V6 as the power source?


@ramthecowy We put it at the front of the name so that’s better right? :joy:

@Deskyx I wasn’t going to put stats up given it was a concept car but I’ll put some up later today for you then…or maybe I should bring this into production :stuck_out_tongue:

@Oskiinus :wink:

@Speedemon It did a 7:16.28 around the ring.

@abg7 Thanks, It is rear wheel drive. Well, a production model would probably have a totally different engine and not take things to such an extreme level in terms of limited production components and quality sliders. I decided on the powertrain as the company had a number of V6 engines available and this race-derived one is quite punchy.


I’ve seen it done before, with the vittali vigore, by @Speedemon

In any case, loving this company. Very cool @Rk38


Another question: Why did you only use a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox instead of a seven-speed one? At any rate, this latest prototype reminds me of the Mercedes-AMG Vision GT concept, as well as the GT production car which it inspired. The nose treatment and color also bring to mind the Mazda RX-Vision Concept.

Not sure if this is entirely true. I used that body for some of my companies’ designs and achieved similarly satisfying results.


Fast fast machine. Matches the XY Paradox which had race grade downforce and tires. Amazing car. Glory to RWD!

@abg7 Matter of personal taste. I have three cars so far with the body and all of them look really bulky and fat. Also the C7 body has so many body lines that just kill the look. This one is the only design I’ve seen that makes the body look athlethic and sleek.


That XY Paradox is a beast!

Assuming Maesima ever greenlit a production version of this it would probably not be as fast although certainly not slow either…although you didn’t hear anything from me about our pre-production prototypes testing around the ring. :wink:

Oh yeah, I’ve belatedly updated the post with the stats for you. But they don’t mean much since I doubt production would exceed five vehicles.


Absolutely stunning. A genuine work of art, gorgeous from every angle.

I beg of you, please, enter that into AMWEC 2016 (if it ever happens). I think the DRV would look awesome once all geared up for racing. Plus I’d like to see it racing against my Scarlet :wink:


Mystery Maesima Prototype Spotted in the Wild

Our first glimpses of this test mule prototype that many believe to be an all-new sports car design from Maesima. Although heavily camouflaged, the coupe shown here bears more than a passing resemblance to the Dynamic Racing Vision Concept vehicle unveiled this year.

Maesima has yet to confirm or deny if a production variant of the Dynamic Racing Vision concept was in the works. A spokesperson from Maesima has stated, “We are exploring all possibilities with the Dynamic Racing Vision concept and nothing has been ruled out.” Fuelling speculation that the concept has been green-lit for production.

While the concept was powered by a twin-turbo 3.1L V6 developed for Maesima racing vehicles. A production version is reported to be fitted with a fully reworked twin-turbo 3.0L V6 of the MCK-engine family. However, other possible powertrains could include a larger naturally aspirated V6. Based on the new family of 4.0L and 3.8L engines developed by Maesima.

An unlikely possibly might include a unique hybrid electric system. Although the company has made no suggestions towards developing hybrid systems and lacks experience. It would have to partner with a major firms like Saminda which would be able to supply hybrid drivetrain components.

The drivetrain is expected to keep the rear wheel drive configuration although online sources claim that an all-wheel drive system is still in testing on pre-production prototypes and may find its way onto the production model.


Leave Hybrid powertrain to Saminda .

Maesima is about high revving engines , please no hybrids :frowning:


i just see this thread again. i see that the MRZ-3 has some untapped potential. our KSR division will fix that soon :slight_smile:

if approved


I really hope those headlights make it into production, they give it a slightly retro feel without being overbearing. And lord knows we need more retro-inspired sports coupes!


That camo will make it overheat, actually


@Yamahafazer600 We will listen to our customers and the market conditions. Although we must always take into account fuel economy regulations within all markets too.

@koolkei It has been approved :wink:

@DeusExMackia Unfortunately, those are just a necessity of the development vehicle. Any production model would take inspiration from the past but we look towards the future and will embrace our Vitalic Motion design philosophy.

BTW what is the AMWEC? (Maesima is already exploring Super GT) We would be very happy to reach the level of the stunning Scarlet. Truly a benchmark for modern sports cars market!

@squidhead Our engineers have ensured that this camo will retain sufficient cooling for this development vehicle…So hopefully we won’t be reading any stories of prototypes catching fire around the ring :joy:


AMWEC was the Automation Motorsports World Endurance Championship, hosted by Sillyworld. I actually think it ran before you joined these forums. It’s not a BROBOT race, so it was run on a different set of calculations which I sneakily min-maxed and ended up clean-sweeping the entire season…


He was like the Mercedes F1 of the automation world. :stuck_out_tongue: