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Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)


The collaboration will bring a lot of prestige to both brands if they get it right. I am quite sure that they will do so!


This reminds me of when someone is angry at someone and the other guy is also angry at the other person, but then later they become best friends. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Speedemon I’m getting the impression that this is more like Stalin and Hitler agreeing to invade Poland in World War 2 and ‘sharing’ the country.


This ^^


1939 nevur forgt kurwa


Amid all this talk of fastest this and that we think it’s time to take a look back into the pages of history. Time for In our first Throwback Tuesday it’s something a bit more humble but nonetheless a landmark vehicle for Maesima.

## The NRZ-966 1966-1975: Our First Sportscar ___ > The car that started it all. Before MRZ-3 were roaming the streets or Maesima was a globally recognised named It. The company was confined to the certain rules and restricts of state ownership. However, every once in a while there were able to slip by a glimpse of the real spirit at Maesima. The NRZ-966 was the first sight for many that this company was capable of more than cheap economical vehicles for the proletariat. It was an extremely rare sight as it was produced under the iron fist of the Communist regime it was not wildly exported. Few vehicles were sold, mostly to high-ranking military officers and thrill seeking government officials. Initially sold with the venerable but relatively uninspiring 1.3L Inline 4 cylinder. Taken from the popular NV-965 compact car of which the NRZ-966 borrowed heavily. Later models were updated with a newly developed 3.0L Inline 6 providing spirited driving performance. Following the end of the DSRA, there has been a revival with models being sold internationally and the creation of extreme performance versions. Shown below is one example popularised in the Anikatia street racing scene around the year 2010. It Features a modified wider body and stance. Along with a heavily reworked turbocharged engine able to produce around 650 hp. Making it a real performance monster capable of achieving 0-100 km/h within 3.6 seconds and claimed speeds of over 300 km/h.

1966 $6,600

(Communist Era 0% Markup)

Maesima NRZ-966 Touring 1.2L

The 1966 Touring trim NRZ-966 shown in Midnight Pearl Blue. Standard equipment includes 14" Steel Rims on sports tyres, 4-speed Manual Transmission, Cloth-trimmed Basic Seats, and a 1.2L naturally aspirated engine.

1970 $7,700

(Communist Era 0% Markup)

Maesima NRZ-966 Touring 3.0L

The 1970 Touring trim NRZ-966 shown in Midnight Pearl Blue. Standard equipment includes 14" Steel Rims on sports tyres, 4-speed Manual Transmission, Cloth-trimmed Basic Seats, plus a 3.0L naturally aspirated performance engine.

2010 Modified

(No Price Listed)

Maesima NRZ-966 Touring 3.1L Modified

The 1970 Touring trim extensively modified in 2010 NRZ-966 shown in classic Midnight Pearl Blue. Equipment includes all new 16" Alloy Rims on high-performance semi-slick tyres, 5-speed Manual Transmission, Electric Limited Slip Differential (LSD), Cloth-trimmed Basic Seats, plus a heavily modified and bored out 3.1L Turbocharged performance engine.



is that Monolith badge @Awildgermanappears


It’s only fitting that your spiritual predecessor to the MRZ-3 finally gets a mention - I have always wanted to see you give your historic models some love!


You sorely need some doritos… :smile:


Well you certainly hit the nail on the spot with classic coupes…


What done I has


What can I say? The Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia took no heed of capitalist copyright claims :smile:

Though this wasn’t the usual logo for our earlier models :wink:


Is Anikatia afraid of other country thinking them of communism so they have a “socialist” there ?



North Korea, a communist dictatorship, is called the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”


holy cow that fuel consuption O_O


Maesima logo

Murad seal of approval

What do you have to say for yourself, Rk38?


I’d call it inspiration?


just plain coincidence?


Doesn’t look alike to me