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Malaise of Glory


His divorce finalized months ago, Kevin was acutely aware that autumn was setting in. The days were getting shorter, the leaves laying dead on the ground. Kevin’s seasonal affect disorder, only served to exacerbate his self pity. Kevin had spent the last few months, taking whatever work that came his way, in order to occupy his thoughts; a tune-up here, a brake job there. Just now, Kevin finished cleaning his garage for the third time today.
As Kevin gazed over at the cot he had set up in the corner, next to the space heater and the mini-fridge. He thought to himself, perhaps a change of scenery might do him some good. He wondered if he might go back to Kuwait. Nope. Better yet, a run down to Florida might cheer him up. It was about that time of year, when the snowbirds head south for the season; Kevin might be able to get some work, as a porter, and write it off on his taxes.
Kevin’s thoughts began to wander back to when he was a kid, visiting his Grandma O’Reilly in Florida. She drove an old 1978 Wallys DePonte; the one with the opera window. He remembered when Grandma would make everyone pile in the car for supper, at 3:30 sharp - If you waited until 4:00, you were likely to stand outside, waiting an hour or more for a seat - and head down to the Amish restaurant; the one with the Christmas village upstairs, even though Christmas was months away.
Grandma O’Reilly kept her DePonte at her Florida home, driving it only between October and April; so it lasted quite a while. Kevin got to drive it, when he turned 16. It wasn’t particularly fast, despite its muscular pedigree, or its ridiculously huge engine displacement; but it handled quite sharply, considering its size and weight. The brakes could have been better, and Kevin was 90% sure that the left turn signal stuck - whenever he made a lane change, it would stay on, until the next time he had to turn - it had to be stuck, there’s no way Kevin would drive three or four blocks with his blinker on.
The shiny, spoked rims, gave it a look of class and elegance, but Kevin distinctly remembered, it was not really all that comfortable. One of the quirkies things, were the wires in the windshield that acted as the radio’s antenna; the ones, where the signal cut out whenever you went under an overpass.
Perhaps a couple of weeks in Florida would help brighten Kevin’s mood. It certainly couldn’t hurt, if he found some work to do there, too. Kevin reached into the mini-fridge, grabbed a cold one; one last drink, before he lay down on his cot, and turned the space heater to low.


I know it’s irrelevant, but my brother, Kevin, had one of those.


1978 Denver Quest Coupe

What’s that? A 140hp-ish coupe that has 6.0L pushrod V8 in it? Why yes, it is. Introducing 1978 Denver Quest, a stylish yet sporty coupe. Like the statements before, it has 6.0L pushrod V8 producing astonishing around 148hp as it was fitted with Two-way cataylic converter and a very detuned version to improve mileage on this beast.

Other than fuel-economy V8 engine, Quest is not an actually bad to drive. Sure it handles like a boat but atleast it’s not way too boaty like other cars did. Albeit some people complain about the exhaust leak problem as it was poorly made thus creating alot of sound and such.


I want a number 9, a number 9 lord, a number 6 with extra dip,

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You picked the wrong word, fool


Smoke, 'tis not my language, chill!


The 1979 Birmingham 7000 Liftback, with a 4.6l V8 engine and a 3 speed automatic gearbox, this is the ultimate car for a 1990’s PE teacher.