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Marked for Termination too


well it is now


Guys, we are looking at restarting this round.

Give us a day and we’ll have something for you to compete and complain about. :rofl:


1991 KGB Corona SE

For those who love the V10 AWD experience at an affordable price, but without a need for world (and chassis) -shattering power of the Regalia Series.

The New Corona SE now available with 218 Naturally Aspirated horsepower and a respectable 7.39 second 0-60.

Recommended Retail Price: $34700


aww heck you actually beat us to actually opening the submissions.


Don’t worry, you’ll get a submission between 24 hours to -2 hours before the deadline when it’s announced!


I’ve got the feeling you could make cars before the competition is even announced :heavy_check_mark:


I was pretty close to unveiling one… tbh I feel happy enough with it that I half-expect to be using it in some sort of future challenge if this one gets totally rebooted.


I’m confused of what i have to submit.


i dont think anything, there is no competition is there


Closed upon request (we don’t delete stuff)