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Market stats reduntant/missing?


Was it a deliberate change in the latest openbeta branch update that the Markets section of the Testing shows the exact data as the Detail Stats section in the lower part? It also no longer shows what the pricing of a vehicle would be or the percentage up/don marking in Sandbox mode.


Yeah, that’s bad for challanges with price limit


Removing the price was deliberate, as that number was just a crap shot without all the manufacturing stuff (factory size, tooling percentage, shifts, etc)

There are plenty of factors that can be used for challenges: Et, pu, material costs, etc.


Even so, it was a useful feature to help guide production… i tend to mess around in sandbox before doing cars in the lite campaign just so I can have a good idea of what works and what doesnt … not going into it blind.


We’re bringing back the “Fake Arbitrary Total Car Cost” as a normal stat on the stat page in sandbox at least (there’s plenty of room), but the previous price + margin setup will certainly not come back because of how much bullshit it is (and it didn’t work, because it compares your cars to zero markup competitors). :slight_smile:

I’ve worked out a new calculation that should be a little bit better than the previous one:

Dollar Value = (Car + Engine Material Costs) + 25 * (Car + Engine Production Units) + (Car Engineering Time * Car Production Units) + (Engine Engineering Time * Engine Production Units)


That makes some amount of sense, although I couldn’t imagine where the 25x would come from.

I think I’ll try to recreate my first car (1989 BMW E24) to see if the price point would come anywhere close to what it cost in that year… this should be fun!


25 dollar per unit of production effort or “manhour”