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Marrow Experimental Design (UE4 random stuff)


I wanted to wait until the UE4 version of the game is a little more developed before I try to make a serious car company, so I’m making this thread for whatever interesting cars I make until then.

Here is a drivable pizza.
1947 Marrow Pepperoni XLP

Marrow’s first, best, and only sports car of the 1940’s. The advanced aerodynamics technology for its time allowed the Pepperoni to cut through the air like a petrified sponge.

Stunning from every angle, the Pepperoni XLP was handcrafted to be the center of attention no matter the setting.

The 10.2L V12 engine was an exercise of balance and restraint for the engineering team at Marrow. The final result achieved a modest 312hp and 458 lb-ft of torque before redlining at 3700rpm. Access to the engine for maintenance required the removal of 32 lighting fixtures.

The engine’s perspective.

The last surviving Pepperoni on a night drive.

The Marrow Pepperoni will go down in history as one of those cars that the world deserved, but not the car it needs right now.


Triphobia anyone ?


Nope. Fuck this car in its entirety. Fuck that, fuck this, fuck ALL THAT.


Well, @Vri404, at least you gave a fuck or four.


It’s… amusing… and unique.


It gave me the chills, but these chills weren’t those good chills like when you hear a V12 in the distance. These were the chills that I get when I see something deformed or disgusting. Idk, the uneven shape probably did that. Reminds me more about spiders than pizza tbh. But I can give you some credit for making something truly different. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Btw, you must have the best lorry engine ever in that thing.


That Car is… phobia inducing… otherwise looks decent spec wise


The fact that it’s skin coloured and the headlight insides are red does not help

312 hp, and 14.1sec 0-60 mph does not seem that. More like “Freak in the streets, Calvinator in the sheets”



I don’t have a trypophobia, but you’ve gone seriously nuts - this car makes me a bit frightened


I didn’t mean those specs, I meant the spec of a scale of 1-10 of how uncomfortable it made me feel


It looks bizarre, to say the least. Just one pair of headlights on the front (and none at all on the rest of the car) would have been enough.


I like it. Every car has a soul. And this one apparently has flesh too. You really made it look alive.


Those 40’s tires never stood a chance.


Nah, need the other 78 lights to let people know when your braking or turning.


I guess it is a Spyder :smile:

I should have made this car when that bug that put the engine in the rear was around. Hook a trailer up the the transmission and you got yourself a lorry


just a note, you dont need to post multiple times

you can just tag the other users with @username


Thanks, forgot about that.


That’s trypophobic >_>