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Mashimitsu Motors | YX6 teaser


Mashimitsu is a japanese car company, that is easy to compare with Mazda, Nissan or Honda in RL.


The japanese car brand Mashimitsu was founded in the city of Hakodate in the Hokkaido prefecture by two japanese mechanics, named Feng Mashimi and Kashimo Tsu in 1925. It was a brand for tiny boats before WWII. After both of them died at the Hiroshima desaster after visiting their familys, Yin Lee Mashimi, Fengs wife, took the brand over and decided to change from building boats to building cars. The first cars of the brand weren’t well known, because it was a time, where nearly nobody could have had the money for a car. At the begin of the 70s the sales instantly increased by a huge number because Yin Lee Mashimi started to ship their cars to the europeans and north + south americans. Yin Lee Mashimi died after a brave fight against cancer in 1972. Her son Saitama Mashimi took the brand over and honored his mother with the japanese only model “YinLee special”. After he took over, he decided to build different cars for the three different markets and took the australian market in its progamm. His plans worked until the beginning of the 80s, where it just was to expensive to build three different cars for the same car size. Saitama Mashimi took Mashimitsu to the top of the japanese sales ranking and changed the headquaters from Hakodate to Sapporo, where Mashimitsu builded the Mashimitsu Tower that is 120m high. In 1988 Mashimitsu started to sell their cars in Russia, south korea, the middle east and Indonesia. In 1992 followed China, malaysia and the south eastern asian countries. Saitama Mashimi left the boss place to his son Miro Mashimi in 1996. The sales in south africa, india and the maghrebstates started in 2000. It was the first time ever, that Mashimitsus where available on every continent.

2017 line up

Mashimitsu Y1 (2015-now)

Mashimitsu Y2 (2014-now)

Mashimitsu Y3 (2015-now)

Mashimitsu Y4

Mashimitsu Y5

Mashimitsu Y6
Mashimitsu YX3

Mashimitsu YX4

Mashimitsu Yii

Mashimitsu Yochi

Mashimitsu Yuso (2013-now)

Mashimitsu YXv


Mashimitsu Y3 Mashisport

This Y3 generation comes in 2015 on the market, and with it the new Y3 Mashisport.

It is only available as a 3 door hatchback

The Y3 Mashisport comes with a turbocharged 1.6 4 cylinder, that does pruduce 200hp.

The performance stats

The Y3 Mashisport starts at 30150$ and with all options included 36720$

After the last Y3 Mashisport was a fail, Mashimitsu only planned with a few sells and were surpriced, after the Mashisport grew to one of the best selling cars in the hothatch class within a year.

Get yourself the Y3 Mashisport now


Mashimitsu Y3

The Mashisport only was a little preview on the new Y3 line.
Here are the new Y3s, they are available as the versions Base, Bright, Lux and Mashisport (The first two are available as a wagon and hatchback).

The Y3 Base has a basic front design, with a little bit less chrome. Its engine is a turbocharged 1.4 4 cylinder that puts 127hp out.

after the Base, there comes the Bright

The Bright lines engine is a turbocharged 1.6 4 cylinder that gives you 150hp.

Then there is the top of the model line up, the Lux

It does use the same engine as the Bright version, but is better equiped and only available as a hatchback.

The back of the Y3 (Lux trim)

The prices:
Y3 Base 17990$
Y3 Base wagon 18990$
Y3 Bright 22580$
Y3 Bright wagon 23750$
Y3 Lux 28750$


It is waiting for you

The 2014 Mashimitsu Y2



I like your designs, keep up the good work!


Mashimitsu Y2

After one year without a Y2, that replicated in a huge minus at sale numbers, Mashimitsu released the new generation. There will be 5 different versions and it will only be available as a 5 door hatchback.

One of the two new versions is the Y2 Young, that is specially for young drivers, with the tiniest engine, but more equipment than the Base model.

The Y2 Base is the cheap one, that drives on the same engine as the Young, but it has nearly no equipment, that lets Mashimitsu give it to the costumers for a low price.

engine stats of the two above

Moving up the line, we will meet the Y2 Bright, that is the middle spec. It is the first one that comes with things like a navigation system.

The next model in the line up is the Y2 Lux, That has a huge amount of equipment.

engine stats of the two above

Then there comes the first ever Y2 Mashisport!

the prices:

Base 10000$
Young 12750$
Bright 15570$
Lux 20950$
Mashisport 22990$


Your whole lineup looks quite nice. It’s actually quite rare, if not outright impossible, nowadays to find a (sub)compact with double-wishbone front and rear suspension (and on the Y3, five-valve heads for its engine) in real life, but the high-performance versions ought to be particularly competitive.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a sub 300hp hot hatch, let alone a memorable one


Mashimitsu Yuso

After a long enginiering time (2010-2013), the new Yuso is ready for the sport convertible market.

There wont be a Yuso coupe anymore (because only 5% of the predecessor where coupes).

price: 35000$ (40750$ with all options included)


The Yuso convertible is also clearly a looker; however, there are quite a few issues holding it back. First and foremost, this is a large front-drive car powered by what is essentially a hot hatch engine, and as such, it might not feel like a premium product to drive at all, especially at or near wide-open throttle. Also, a sports interior is not comfortable enough for a premium convertible meant for cruising down Sunset Boulevard. I would have preferred it if it were rear-wheel drive and had at least an extra pair of cylinders. It’s still a beautiful car to behold, though, especially from the front.


Thanks for the suggestions, I wanted it to be a V6 too, but automation wouldn`t let me give it one, because it would have been to big. To the interior thing, you are right when I think about it now, I just gave it a sports interior because its predecessors werent even nearly as premium as it.


2015 Mashimitsu Y1

The all new 2015 Y1 appears at the dealers in 3 versions: Base, Young and Mashisport!

Mashimitsu Y1 Base

The Mashimitsu Base features nearly no equipment for a extremely cheap price!

Then there comes the Y1 Young

It is filled with enough things that you need and cheap enough to be a opion for young drivers.

And then there is the Mashisport!

It is one of the sportiest city cars that you can find on the market!


Base 8990$
Young 11750$
Mashisport 16500$





2017 Mashimitsu Y6 MaSport wagon!

It is one of the fastest wagons available … only for 85950$ [spoiler](It is cheap if you compare it to a Audi RS6)[/spoiler]

Be special … drive Mashimitsu


new standarts will be set


2017 Mashimitsu Y3 MaSport RS


It is the new top of the Y3 line, and gives it gives all of us a taste of the new Mashimitsu design, beeing the second car that has been designed under our new design team!

To the car itself … it is planed to fight against other hot hatches with the all new 1.8 I4 T engine!

opional speed unlimiter: 1000$ (is in it, because of safety reasons) top speed after 295 km/h!

Mashimitsu also announced, that the complete Y3 line will get the new look until january 2018!

Be special … drive Mashimitsu


It takes balls to offer something like the flagship of the Y6 line with a manual, but few of its real-life equivalents offer one, so kudos to you for making a self-shifter optional - if it is ever available at all. However, 5.6 degrees of body roll is quite frankly unacceptable, although it can be fixed with stiffer springs, dampers and anti-roll bars (but not too stiff, obviously). Also, a wagon should have five seats, not four. Other than that, it’s a decent choice for anyone looking for a fast wagon, with a handsome front-end treatment.

As for the Y3 RS, it’s very quick off the mark thanks to its AWD system, but the fuel consumption is higher than it would usually be for a hot hatch, primarily because feeding a low-displacement engine with large amounts of boost will cause a significant decrease in efficiency. And the red accents seem overdone when combined with the excess chrome. Nevertheless, it’s a promising start for the model line.


Thanks for mentioning it, I totally overlooked the body roll and it will be fixed in a facelift. By giving it a manual, we achived the relative low price. A sequential version will be available (for a little bit more money) soon after the release of the stock Y6. You are right with the seats, but we build it as a four seater, because the Y6 actually wasn`t planed to be a wagon at all, but we wanted to give the costumers what they want (at least in some parts of europe, where nearly 80% of the wagons will be sold), five seats might be a option for a facelift. Thanks, that was our wish!

Moving on to the Y3 MaSport RS, I agree that the fuel economy isn`t the best, because we focused (maybe to much) on the performance, I will try to do it better on future cars. We thought about the red accents and offer them as a optional, free feature.

Thanks for the feedback!



Is Mashimitsu working on a Hypercar?
Some people spotted a hypercar with a Mashimitsu badge driving around the area of Mashimitsus european headquaters in Germany! They took some photos and posted it on the internet. After asking Mashimitsu Motors, they only said that there might be something coming soon! Later we found a picture of a prototype called YRx.


Mashimitsu YRx

After some rumors about a hypercar from Mashimitsu, they released the stats and some pictures of the all new YRx


The new hypercar will be equiped with a 1011hp V12 engine, that will blow your mind away (in a positiv way!).

The cars price is 210.000$