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Mashimitsu Motors | YX6 teaser


This is nuts! It’s a pity it weighs so much; >2 tons is a lot of mass for a hypercar. Luckily it has no shortage of power, but I would have preferred it to use full carbon-fiber construction to save weight and improve performance even further. A car with this much performance should not have much steel in its structure, only composites and light alloys. And it might be too fast for its gearbox - a dual-clutch would have been more appropriate. Also, would it have been possible to mount the engine longitudinally? If so, would it have provided any benefits over the transverse configuration it currently uses?


What kinda disappoints is the acceleration dynamics. I mean yeah, the cornering isn’t going to be great, under 1g for 2 tons is understandable, but 3.2 seconds while AWD is surprising, I was expecting something about almost a second quicker. Also that braking distance O.O

The car does show promise though… perhaps a tuning kit is in order :smiley:


The body this car uses is known to have… issues. Namely if you look at the zoning, the body box is a) twice the size of the car b) as much below the ground as it is above. This is why a) it’s several hundred kilos heavier than you’d expect it to be b) it has ridiculous cornering despite being a bus, its center of gravity is ground level.

Would love for this to be fixed (by vmo) so we can get some proper figures.


So that’s the other reason why it weighs more than it should… but the use of a steel chassis only makes it worse. As I have previously stated, using all-carbon construction would mitigate this drawback, but not eliminate it entirely (and also increase the cost massively).

Edit: It weighs less now, and has improved performance and handling as a result - just as I expected.


I inproved the YRx, hope it matches the expectations now :sweat_smile:



You can be one of the first ones to drive it, just come to the Mashimitsu stand at IAA 2017 Frankfurt, take part in our contest and be one of the first 5 people to drive the Mashimitsu Y5 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife!
more informations will be given to you at the Mashimitsu stand at IAA!

Be special … drive Mashimitsu




2008-2014 Mashimitsu Y2

The 4th gen Y2 was well known for its polarizing design that surprisingly sold well everywhere!

The Y2 Base

The entry level car was the Y2 Base, that was equiped with a 1.0l i3 petrol engine, that was co-produced with Kishiwo, as the whole Y2 is the 2nd generation that came out of the Mashimitsu Kishiwo cooperation with its twin Kishiwo Yuno! The little engine produced 72.5 hp which led to a not so surprising 0-100 kph time of 14.0 seconds and a topspeed of 176 kph. With a mileage of 6.2 litres it wasn’t the best aswell. But thats what the Y2 stood for. As the slogan said: “nobody is perfect, even we are not, but the new Y2 is close enough!”

the Bases interior was equiped with 5 seats, only the front ones having electric windows (back windows + 300$), no radio, no AC (500$), four cupholders, two tone (black + exterior colour) seat fabric and panels, 4 Airbags and even the base had a overall good crashtest rating (Good IIHS, 5 stars EuroNCAP)! Every Y2 had ABS, Power steering, Traction control and ESP without any extra costs.

The stats of the Y2 Base:

The Y2 Bright

The Mashimitsu Y2 Bright is the middle spec and was the best selling Y2 over the years. It was equipably with a 110 hp 1.6 i4 petrol or the 72.5 hp 1.0 i3 petrol engine, nearly all off them, where sold as the 110 hp version, because the price difference only was 500$. The 1.6 i4 needed 10.4 seconds to reach a 100 kph and the topspeed was 197 kph. The mileage wasn’t that good: 7.7 litres, but it sold like a king, beeing the best selling sub compact in europe from 2008 to 2010 and japans best seller of 2008 (it was the first Mashimitsu to beat Saminda for the best seller crown in japan ever!) The Hokkaido prefecture is full of this generation Y2.

The interior was equiped with 5 seats (what a surprise), optional heated front seats (500$), AC, a radio, 4 elecrtic windows, a optional sunroof (900$), removable backseats (850$). It also featured a 6 Airbag system.

Mashimitsu Y2 Bright stats:

The Y2 Lux

The Lux is as the name says, luxorious version of the Y2, beeing offered with the 110 hp NA or the 140 hp turbocharged version of the 1.6l i4 petrol engine. The 140 hp engine could go 212 kph and took 9.1 seconds to reach 100 kph. The mileage was given at 8.1 litres.

It was equiped with 5 leather seats, AC, heated front seats (backseats +500$) , a navigationsystem (produced by Kishiwo), electric windows, electric mirrors and elecrtic adjustable seats. It featured 6 Airbags and it even drove on alu wheels.

Mashimitsu Y2 Lux stats:

The Y2 Base started at 9990$, the Y2 Bright at 11990$ and the Y2 Lux at 14500$.


Somehow the nose of the Y4 reminds me of the latest Erin Visto, except… It’s way fussier. And there’s way too much chrome for what is obviously an entry-level subcompact.


Looks like something huge is incoming

Mashimitsu YX6


Looks like Saminda late 2000’s, early 2010’s design is coming :wink: