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Massively increased service costs when using overdrive gear?


So this is something I noticed while building benchmark cars for the CSR. It seems that the service cost increase with the geared top speed of the car, even if the actual top speed doesn’t change.

For example, here’s a car with a slight overdrive:

It costs roughly $1000/year to service: AutomationGame-Win64-Shipping_2018-03-04_21-28-22

However, if I decrease the top speed by ~20 kph, like this (notice how the actual top speed barely changes):

The service costs drop by $80!: AutomationGame-Win64-Shipping_2018-03-04_21-29-34

It’s even more pronounced on a car I bulit for CSR65. It’s geared for 336 kph, with an actual top speed of ~250:

However, if I set the limiter to 260 kph (mind you, not actually changing the actual top speed), the service costs drop by $200!

Is the game supposed to do this, or is this a bug?


That looks like the tire speed rating looks at the gearing top speed instead of the actual top speed. We’ll have a look and fix it. Thanks for the detailed report!


You’re welcome! :smile:
Any idea when it’ll be fixed, i.e. a hotfix soon-ish or will it be rolled into R7/stable UE4? I’m currently running a CSR round and I’d like to know if I should extend the deadline or not.


It should be an easy fix, so I assume it comes out with the next hotfix either today or tomorrow.