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Mastin - 1986 new compact pick up truck!


1983 Rottweiler 1500 & 2500

By 1983, the Mastin Rottweiler received a facelift, as well as the introduction of a new model. The previous Wagon trim was not longer offered, and instead the Rottweiler was only available as a pick up, in both half ton and 3/4 ton, reffered as 1500 and 2500 respectively.

Rottweiler 2500 in 2 color scheme


Despise decent sales, the previous Rottweiler wagon was discontinued in 1982 and the new facelift models came only as pickups. According to inside comments, this was to offer the wagon as an upcoming model built upon an dedicated platform for confort with driving focused in pavement roads, instead of carrying loads on a mix of roads.

Rottweiler 1500 in single color scheme

The 1500 was offered with the same Mastiff 4.2L V8 offered in the Vaquero, with 135hp and a 3 speed automatic transmission, with enough commodities to be used as a daily drive if needed. The heavy duty 2500 on the other hand, came with the L6 Diesel engine used in the Malamute pushing 150hp and over 300 ft-lb of torque directly to a 3 speed auto transmission, but the interior was more bare bones in comparison to the 1500, as this was built almost exclusively for work. Both came in RWD only with a manual locking rear diff.

Ignore the body tearing

Specs and price
All prices are in 1983 US dlls

Rottweiler 1500 - $8,193.71

Rottweiler 2500 - $9,158.22


1984 Malamute facelift


The malamute was one of Mastin’s popular models, albeit a very expensive one (tho refaced model was much cheaper, as it was very stripped of luxuries). It was designed for very specific cases, where off-roading was as important (or more) than hauling or towing.

Still it had almost the same design as the last version, only this time the suspension was prepared for more extreme off-road situations, even it had a crawling gear (Crawling + 4 gears and high/low gear selector).

L6 OHV turbo diesel powered

Powerwise, it came with the same L6 diesel engine as previous model, still very powerful and with enough low-end grunt to move the truck around. It had so much torque at low revs, that it could easy start from 3rd gear, and at crawling gear it was very hard to stall. 4X4 transfer case and locking front/rear differentials came standard, as well as the extra set of lights on the roof.

What brand is it?

Specs and price
Price in 1984 US dlls

Malamute 4x4 - $8,209.05

Not much to say other than… it is a truck and does off roading…


1985 Leonberger

In 1985 Mastin presented its new SUV (still, the term wasn’t use I believe) designed as more of a people mover with some light off road captabilities.


Based in an entire new platform, Mastin introduced the Leonberger in 1985, with 2 trims available. The Truck had double wishbones and live axle with coils on the back, with a more comfortable ride was the goal (in comparison to the Rottweiler where it was towing and carrying stuff).
The L6 trim came with the Grifon engine upgrated to 115hp, with a 3 speed automatic, RWD only. Despise its small size and power, it was captable of towing and carrying well over a metric ton.

L6 trim

The V8 trim came with the 4.2L Mastiff V8 engine with 135hp. Available only as a 4X4 with a 3 speed auto, and an upgrated interior. It also had a manual locking differential for some small off roading captabilities.

The V8 had extra badging

Specs and price
All prices are in 1985 US dlls

Leonberger L6 - $5,832.91

Leonberger V8 - $7,608.76


Now that’s what I call a proper SUV, I really like the design of it, especially the front fascia!


Thanks :slight_smile: it’s always hard to fill out all that space with fixtures on bigger car bodies.


1987 - Meliora Automotive buys Mastin

After a year negotiation, finally it was announce in late 1986 that Meliora will buy Mastin and the deal will be closed sometime mid 1987.

Both companies expect to benefit from each other, as Meliora can help Mastin to improve the R&D department and help Mastin to meet new enviromental regulations, while Meliora can use Mastin to cover other markets besides premium sedans and sporty cars.

The nogotiatons have been pretty smooth and both Meliora and Mastin will retain independant corporate identities.


1986 Third generation Vaquero!

After 8 years since the last generation was intruduced, by 1986 Mastin finally unveiled the third iteration of the vaquero, this time changing the classic UTE for a compact pick up with more utility captability than previous generations.

Vaquero BTX trim

The 1986 Vaquero came in 2 trims, BT and BTX. Main difference being the BT came with a Meliora 4 Cylinder engine mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox while the BTX came with the Mastin Grifon L6 and a 3 speed auto transmission. The BTX was also a feet larger.
Same as previous generation, the chassis was a mix between monocoque and ladder, with front mcphersons struts and now equipped with rear leaf suspension instead of coils, reason being the new generation was more inclined to work than high speed driving.

You will know what company is it


1986 Vaquero BT

Vaquero BTX