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Mastin - 1990 Mastin Retriever


1983 Rottweiler 1500 & 2500

By 1983, the Mastin Rottweiler received a facelift, as well as the introduction of a new model. The previous Wagon trim was not longer offered, and instead the Rottweiler was only available as a pick up, in both half ton and 3/4 ton, reffered as 1500 and 2500 respectively.

Rottweiler 2500 in 2 color scheme


Despise decent sales, the previous Rottweiler wagon was discontinued in 1982 and the new facelift models came only as pickups. According to inside comments, this was to offer the wagon as an upcoming model built upon an dedicated platform for confort with driving focused in pavement roads, instead of carrying loads on a mix of roads.

Rottweiler 1500 in single color scheme

The 1500 was offered with the same Mastiff 4.2L V8 offered in the Vaquero, with 135hp and a 3 speed automatic transmission, with enough commodities to be used as a daily drive if needed. The heavy duty 2500 on the other hand, came with the L6 Diesel engine used in the Malamute pushing 150hp and over 300 ft-lb of torque directly to a 3 speed auto transmission, but the interior was more bare bones in comparison to the 1500, as this was built almost exclusively for work. Both came in RWD only with a manual locking rear diff.

Ignore the body tearing

Specs and price
All prices are in 1983 US dlls

Rottweiler 1500 - $8,193.71

Rottweiler 2500 - $9,158.22


1984 Malamute facelift


The malamute was one of Mastin’s popular models, albeit a very expensive one (tho refaced model was much cheaper, as it was very stripped of luxuries). It was designed for very specific cases, where off-roading was as important (or more) than hauling or towing.

Still it had almost the same design as the last version, only this time the suspension was prepared for more extreme off-road situations, even it had a crawling gear (Crawling + 4 gears and high/low gear selector).

L6 OHV turbo diesel powered

Powerwise, it came with the same L6 diesel engine as previous model, still very powerful and with enough low-end grunt to move the truck around. It had so much torque at low revs, that it could easy start from 3rd gear, and at crawling gear it was very hard to stall. 4X4 transfer case and locking front/rear differentials came standard, as well as the extra set of lights on the roof.

What brand is it?

Specs and price
Price in 1984 US dlls

Malamute 4x4 - $8,209.05

Not much to say other than… it is a truck and does off roading…


1985 Leonberger

In 1985 Mastin presented its new SUV (still, the term wasn’t use I believe) designed as more of a people mover with some light off road captabilities.


Based in an entire new platform, Mastin introduced the Leonberger in 1985, with 2 trims available. The Truck had double wishbones and live axle with coils on the back, with a more comfortable ride was the goal (in comparison to the Rottweiler where it was towing and carrying stuff).
The L6 trim came with the Grifon engine upgrated to 115hp, with a 3 speed automatic, RWD only. Despise its small size and power, it was captable of towing and carrying well over a metric ton.

L6 trim

The V8 trim came with the 4.2L Mastiff V8 engine with 135hp. Available only as a 4X4 with a 3 speed auto, and an upgrated interior. It also had a manual locking differential for some small off roading captabilities.

The V8 had extra badging

Specs and price
All prices are in 1985 US dlls

Leonberger L6 - $5,832.91

Leonberger V8 - $7,608.76


Now that’s what I call a proper SUV, I really like the design of it, especially the front fascia!


Thanks :slight_smile: it’s always hard to fill out all that space with fixtures on bigger car bodies.


1987 - Meliora Automotive buys Mastin

After a year negotiation, finally it was announce in late 1986 that Meliora will buy Mastin and the deal will be closed sometime mid 1987.

Both companies expect to benefit from each other, as Meliora can help Mastin to improve the R&D department and help Mastin to meet new enviromental regulations, while Meliora can use Mastin to cover other markets besides premium sedans and sporty cars.

The nogotiatons have been pretty smooth and both Meliora and Mastin will retain independant corporate identities.


1986 Third generation Vaquero!

After 8 years since the last generation was intruduced, by 1986 Mastin finally unveiled the third iteration of the vaquero, this time changing the classic UTE for a compact pick up with more utility captability than previous generations.

Vaquero BTX trim

The 1986 Vaquero came in 2 trims, BT and BTX. Main difference being the BT came with a Meliora 4 Cylinder engine mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox while the BTX came with the Mastin Grifon L6 and a 3 speed auto transmission. The BTX was also a feet larger.
Same as previous generation, the chassis was a mix between monocoque and ladder, with front mcphersons struts and now equipped with rear leaf suspension instead of coils, reason being the new generation was more inclined to work than high speed driving.

You will know what company is it


1986 Vaquero BT

Vaquero BTX


1988 - Gran Danés Concept Car

After Meliora adquired Mastin, in order to make heads turn and announce the “new era” of the company, Mastin/Meliora presented in 1988 the Gran Danés concept car (Great Dane), name based on one of the biggest dogs. The car was heavily based on the Meliora V12 concept, with some modifications, including a tune up version of the Mastiff V8 used in Mastin’s Rottweiler & Leonberger but thanks to Meliora’s help it was bored up to 5.5L and created around 350hp.


1989 Boyero

Top of the line, Boyero Tibet

1988 Marked the last year of the off-roading Malamute, and instead of renewing a new model, Mastin opted for designing a new small offroading vehicule and create a separate offroad trim for the upcoming new Rottweiler model. The new model was called Boyero (an old name used for a Van in the early 70s) and it came in 4 distinct trims for the 1989 model year.

Base version

The Boyero was powered by the same Meliora Inline 4 as the 1986 Vaquero, but the sport and Tibet trims received an updated turbocharged variant with a slight power bump, and a much better performance at high altitudes.

The trims were Base, Australia, Sport and Tibet, all offering a 4x4 system and offroad tires. The Australia trim came with a roof rack, alloy wheels, Australia badgets on the sides and a AM/FM radio with a cassette player. The Tibet trim added an offroad winch, a snorkel, offroad skidplate and bigger brakes, and “Tibet” decals, both with 2 tone paints and either chrome or “black steel” painted bumpers.
The Sport trim included AM/FM radio with a cassette player, alloy wheels and no back seats, with sport decals.

Sport trim

TECHNICAL Base Australia Sport Tibet
Engine: CC48V - 1.8L 86hp CC48V - 1.8L 112hp turbo
Placement: Front Longitudinal
Type: Inline 4 Inline 4
Block/head: Cast Iron/Cast Iron Cast Iron/Cast Iron
Valvetrain: SOHC 8v SOHC 8v
Fuel System: 2 Barrel Carb Multipoint EFI, turbocharged
Bore/Stroke: 84mm x 80mm 84mm x 80mm
Displacement: 1,773cc 1,773cc
Max Power: 86hp @ 5,600rpm 113hp @ 5,300rpm
Max Torque: 93lb-ft @ 2,700rpm 137lb-ft @ 2.700rpm
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Drivetrain: 4x4 with manual locking diff
Chassis type: Ladder
Chassis/panels: Galvanized Steel / Steel
Front suspension: Live axle coil
Rear suspension: Live axle coil
Brakes Front: 2 piston 250mm Vented discs 2 piston 280mm vented discs
Brakes Rear: 220mm Drums 245mm Drums
Tire size: 205/75R15
Weight: 1,039 kg 1,067 kg 1,110 kg 1,118kg
Top Speed: 150 km/h 150km/h 172km/h 166km/h
0-100km/h: 12.7s 13.0s 9.9s 10.1s
400m: 18.67s 18.7s 17.34s 17.34s
Fuel economy: 16.3mpg 16.1mpg 20.9mpg 20.4mpg

Boyero Australia

EQUIPMENT Base Australia Sport Tibet
Alloy Rims N/A Std. Optional Std.
Offroad Falcon™ Tires(™) Std. Std. Std. Std.
Offroad Skidplate N/A Optional Optional Std.
Rear sitting bench: Std. Std. Optional Std.
Leather Seats: -- -- -- --
Electric Windows: -- -- -- --
Electric Seats: -- -- -- --
AM/FM radio: Optional Std. Std. Std.
Cassette Player: N/A Std. Std. Std.
Speakers: 2 Optional 2 2 2
Power steering: Std. Std. Std. Std.
ABS -- -- -- --
Safety rating: 21 22 22 30

N/A = not available for current trim, Std. = Standard equipment, -- = not available for any trim


1989 Rottweiler facelift, new range of models

Still based in the original 1979 platform, the Rottweiler received its third facelift in 1989, this time adding a full range of models for different types of customers.
The new trims were divided into work pickups with the main goal of towing and carrying payload, the Sport model (offered only in 1989 as a special model), the 4x4 (a direct succesor of the Malamute) and a custom option for fleets.

Rottweiler Sport, offered with a plastic grill

Mastin came up with a new system to classify the work line up, instead of the generic 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 ton, the trucks were divided accordingly to their payload and towing capacity, the 1,000 trim was captable of towing and/or carrying up to 1,000kg, the 1250 up to 1,250kg and the 1,500 HD up to 1,500kg safely, each one offered with different gasoline and diesel engines. The custom option was available for companies and it allowed them to customize further the trucks as long as they buy 25 or more of the same model.

Rottweiler 4x4

1000 1250 Sport 4x4 1500 HD
Layout: Front longitudinal engine
Chassis type: Ladder
Chassis/panels: Galvanized Steel / Steel
Front suspension: Double wishbones
Rear suspension: Live axle leaf
Engine: Grifon - 3.0L 130hp Mastiff - 4.7L 158hp D6 - Rev. II
Type: Inline 6 V8 Inline 6 Diesel
Block/head: Cast Iron/Cast Iron Cast Iron/Cast Iron Cast Iron/Cast Iron
Valvetrain: OHV OHV OHV
Fuel System: 4 Barrel Carb. Multipoint EFI Indirect injection, turbocharged
Bore/Stroke: 86mm x 86mm 96.6mm x 80mm 90mm x 120mm
Displacement: 2,997cc 4,693cc 4,580cc
Max Power: 129hp @ 5,300rpm 158hp @ 4,400rpm 180hp @ 3, 400rpm
Max Torque: 148lb-ft @ 3,600rpm 246lb-ft @ 1,900rpm 290ft-lb from 1,600 to 3,00rpm
Transmission: 3 Speed automatic 4 Speed auto 4 Speed auto + Overdrive 4 Speed auto
Brakes Front: 2 piston 300mm Vented discs 3 piston 300mm vented discs
Brakes Rear: 300mm Drums 270mm solid discs 300mm Drums
Tire size: 205/75R15 225/75R15 205/85R15 235/75R15
Weight: 1,370 kg 1,539 kg 1,483 kg 1,637kg 1,566kg
Top Speed: 157 km/h 160km/h 154km/h 150km/h 116km/h
0-100km/h: 13.6s 10.6s 10.0s 12.7s 11.5s
400m: 18.91s 17.83s 17.58s 18.78 --
Fuel economy: 4.97km/l 6.16km/l 6.42km/l 6.08km/l 6.04km/l

Rottweiler Custom

EQUIPMENT 1000 1250 Sport 4x4 1500 HD
Alloy Rims -- -- Std. Optional --
Offroad Falcon™ Tires -- -- -- Std. --
Offroad skidplate -- -- -- Std. Optional
Locking Differential -- -- -- Std. Std.
4x4 w/Low range -- -- -- Std. --
Leather Seats: -- -- -- -- --
Electric Windows: -- -- -- -- --
Electric Seats: -- -- -- -- --
AC: -- Optional Std. Optional Optional
AM/FM radio: -- -- Std. Optional --
Cassette Player: -- -- Std. Optional --
Speakers: -- -- 2 Optional --
Power steering: Std. Std. Std. Std. Std.
ABS -- -- Std. -- --
Safety rating: 27 28 32 28 29

From left to right, 1000, 1250 & 1500

EDIT: I modified the D6 engine to be more close to a diesel engine (constant torque, early spool of the turbo and better fuel economy). I also swapped the engine sound on beamng for the sound of a Diesel engine, thanks to the small help/comment of @Private_Miros


1990 Gran Danes

Center lock wheels & side exhausts

After a positive feedback from the presentation of the Gran Danes concept car in 1988, Mastin & Meliora decided to produced the car, on a limited run. Initially around 1,000 cars were planned to be produced in a 2 years time span.

Noticeable offset on the wheels

Given the car was not intended as a regular production car, Mastin took some liberties creating an interesting experience for drivers basically, the car was loud, uncomfortable and not very practical.
The interior was basic, it included a simple cassette player, no AC, race seats with minimum padding and adjustments, and some exposed parts (those who wasn’t covered and simple thin carpet). It came with huge tires ($$$) that protrude from the car body. center lock wheels and a very stiff suspension. Coupled with a manual removable cloth roof. And it didn’t had ABS. As it happens, the car was still very well received and production extended to late 1994, after that a new facelifted version was introduced, better suited for day to day use. Around 3,000 cars were produced, and this model (first gen pre-facelift) is the second most sought version of all the models.

2 offered colors, Mastin special blue and Dark Garnet Red Metallic

The car was produced by Mastin and tuned (engine and suspension) by Meliora, its parent company, based mostly on the ill fated Meliora V12 Concept Car. Still, Mastin is mostly known for producing pick-up trucks and off road vehicles, so the Gran Danes was far from perfect. It had squeeky brakes, very long gearing, it was notoriously heavy and by using a soft roof the chassis wasn’t a strong as a proper sport coupe car.

Engine: V8 Mastiff - 5.0L 350hp
Placement: Front Longitudinal
Type: 90º V8
Block/head: Cast Iron/Cast Iron
Valvetrain: OHV
Fuel System: Multi Point Fuel Injection
Bore/Stroke: 102mm x 76.4mm
Displacement: 4,997cc
Max Power: 350 hp @ 6,000rpm
Max Torque: 339 lb-ft @ 5,500rpm
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Drivetrain: RWD
Chassis type: Monocoque
Chassis/panels: Galvanized Steel / Fiberglass
Front suspension: Double Wishbones
Rear suspension: Double Wishbones
Brakes Front: 2 piston 330mm Vented discs
Brakes Rear: 2 piston 330mm Vented discs
Tire size: 275/40R17 - 325/35R17
Weight: 1,605 kg
Top Speed: 267 km/h
0-100km/h: 5.59s
400m: 13.86s
Fuel economy: 9.4 mpg
Gran Danes meaning is great dane for those wondering

Introducing the all new 1990 Mastin Retriever. Taking the utility and capacity from the Leonberger and mixing it with the off-road and sport capabilities of the Boyero, the ultimate sport utility vehicle you will need.

The brand new Retriever, takes inspiration on the Golden Retriever dog breed, being a very versatile truck, trustworthy, athletic and robust. 2 different engines are offered, a 3.0L inline 6 and a 5.0L V8, both equipped with Meliora's M-Fuel Injection system™, improving power and fuel economy.

The Retriever comes in 3 different flavors, the base trim, the V8 4x4 (which includes a nicer interior, 4x4 system, discs brakes all around and the V8 engine) and the Off-road package, which takes the previous trim and adds auxiliary lights, a offroad skidtray, special off road tires, and a set of off road progressive springs with gas dampers.

Click on the name to see a large picture
Grifon 3.0L OHV L6
166 hp @ 5900 RPM
172 lb-ft @ 4000 RPM
225/70R15 all terrain tires
RWD with lockable differential
Mastin 5.0L OHV V8
242 hp @ 5200 RPM
281 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM
225/70R15 all terrain tires
4x4 with lockable differentials
Leather seats
Mastin 5.0L OHV V8
242 hp @ 5200 RPM
281 lb-ft @ 3500 RPM
30x10.00R15 UTV tires
4x4 with lockable differentials
Leather seats
Aux lights
Offroad suspension
Bright White Clear Coat
Golden Retriever Satin Glow
Black Clear Coat
Dark Quartz Metallic
Hunter Green Metallic
Blue Jewel Metallic
Poppy Red Clear Coat

Mastin Retriever with Off-Road Package


Like the formatting of the post. Where do you learn to format?


I’ve been learning HTML and CSS for the past weeks for professional reasons, so the formatting of my posts also works as practice :slight_smile: Regarding where, I took a couple of online courses.

EDIT: That said, I’m still experimenting with what can be done on the forum, I will add my findings and tips to the CSS posting thread