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Maximum Possible Power?


Just out of curiosity: How much hp can you get out of an Automation engine, no holds barred (Q+15 on everything, >0.0 reliability)?
I just gave it a shot and got 3500+change out of a 120x120mm V12 (Turbo, of course), but I’m pretty sure that I suck at turbos, so I figure some of you guys could probably do way better…

(Note: There has already been a thread about max power here, but it was so old I think it was written in Sanskrit, so I didn’t want to bump that)


There used to be 5000+ HP engines iirc


I had gotten 3502 the other day I imagine a smaller higher revving engine might be able to produce more but would require someone more skilled than me.


…or me, for that matter. @Deponte I take it that was in Kee, possibly like a million builds ago? Still, 5000+ is crazy, I’d be curious how to get that kind of figure, if still posible at all…


I know a person that once got an engine in Kee to 6000 hp, but that was one heavily outdated build back in 2015.


Did you use the Kee Engine or UE4 to get 3500+ (Assuming HP & Not another Power Unit)? Just Tried it in Kee & Best I could find is 2784HP@7400RPM & 2473 ft-lb@5300 with a Redline@8700, any Higher & Engine goes pop, +15 Everything in 2018:


There were numerous engines with 3300+ hp in Kee and some with 3500+. It’s definitely possible with proper turbo setup.

Edit: example here, a 2 minute build


I used the UE4 version


I tried both KEE and UE4 and got pretty similar results: