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Meijer Designs (1990 Tokyo)


I basically decided to revamp this thread again and this time I won’t even bother with (a cohesive) lore. This time I will just post pictures of the cars I designed combined with a short description, it will also get a ‘Satisfaction rating’ which indicates how satisfied I am with the design.

Horrible spreadsheet with stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-TAvo3ANmLnGF5myVgdR3dNebcMKVhi7E6jH-3n1RUg/edit?usp=sharing

Car Company Directory

The Meijer Mer is a french-inspired luxury car with hydropneumatic suspension that takes heavy inspiration from the Citroën CX. Inside the engine bay lays a 3.2L v6 that produces roughly around the 130-150 hp mark. The car’s interior is nice and comfy.

The car you see in the pictures is a ‘rally’ version that has been thoroughly maintained until today.

Satisfaction rating: 5/10, I tried something new and I kinda failed a it.

-Normal: Meijer Mer - CW-2D V6.car (36.2 KB)
-Rallye: Meijer Mer - CW-2D V6 Rallye.car (38.8 KB)


With Failrace announcing the (rally) track for the next beamng/automation build off I decided to do some prep-work. I created 2 cars: The 2019 Meijer Ibaraki RSX C19 Group MB/2 which was built according to the 1785cc turbo class Group B regulations (it’s too light though), and the 2000 Meijer Assen RCX Group F, a evo/wrx rival. Both cars feature a ~400hp engine with the only differences being: the Ibaraki has a smoother power curve (suprisingly) but way less torque.

2019 Meijer Ibaraki RSX C19 Group MB/2

2000 Meijer Assen RCX Group F

Satisfaction rating: 6.7/10 and 6/10, the Ibariki is nothing special but it’s not bad and the Assen may be a bit rushed.

-Ibaraki: Coming soon
-Assen: Meijer Assen RCX - Group F.car (29.3 KB)


The 1970/1976 Meijer Tokyo S360 is a kei car, obviously. The 1970’s S360 variant features a compact 360cc I3 with a cast push rod head with a single eco carb, all of it’s 17 horsepower goes through the skinny front tyres.

The 1976’s S550 variants have, as suggested by the name, a 550cc I3 again with push rods and an eco carb. The power output is some where around the 27 horsepower. I looked around on wikipedia for references and I found that the Honda Z had a ‘Hondamatic’ automatic transmission so I made 2 variants: one with a automatic transmission and one with a manual.

My main source of inspiration were the Honda Z, Renault 4 and Subaru Rex

1976 Meijer Tokyo S550 Manual

Satisfaction rating: 8.5/10, I really love the design and I may use this kind of design for more 70’s Japanese cars.

-S360: Meijer Tokyo 70 - S360.car (34.6 KB)
-S550 Citymatic: Meijer Tokyo 70 - S550 Citymatic.car (35.9 KB)
-S550 Manual: Meijer Tokyo 70 - S550 Manual.car (40.4 KB)


It had been a long time since I made a car specific for a challenge, so I decided to give it a shot. When @CMT’s popped up I decided to give it a go. not without mistakes from me of course.

I looked at his/her original design and tried to infuse some 60’s Meijer design language in it. The result is decent if I may say so. It has some rough edges that I couldn’t polish away and it may look like a certain car from the 60’s (Cough Cough Pontiac GTO Cough Cough), this was by accident though.

Comparison with another 60’s Meijer

Satisfaction rating: 6.7/10, nothing special but not bad

CMT-MD Excelsior - M-V8L4 7000.car (44.8 KB)


I continued with the Tokyo line in the 90’s, this time with a 660cc. The one you see in the picture is the S660 B8v, the base model with an I3 SOHC 2v (no turbo). it pushes out a whopping 33.7hp and manages a fuel economy of 12.5L/100Km on 91 RON. You could probably drive it on the highways but it won’t be safe nor are you guarantied to hit 109 km/h, it’s top speed. It weighs just 748Kg so I hope it will be fun to drive.

The design is roughly based of the Honda City combined with some beautiful asymmetry.

I also made a 1.2 turbo version based of the GT4 legend: the Honda City Turbo II. It makes 115.1hp @ 7400rpm with a reasonable power and torque curve, which raises it’s top speed to 175km/h. It costs a lot more but that’s to be expected from an ‘up-market’ shitbox.

Satisfaction rating: 7.5/10, I adore the asymmetry of the car but it looks too much like it’s source material

S660-B8v - Meijer Tokyo 90 - S1200-T16v.car (45.8 KB)
S1200-T16v - Meijer Tokyo 90 - S660-B8v.car (41.0 KB)