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Meijer Designs (JDM sportscars)


I basically decided to revamp this thread again and this time I won’t even bother with (a cohesive) lore. This time I will just post pictures of the cars I designed combined with a short description, it will also get a ‘Satisfaction rating’ which indicates how satisfied I am with the design.

Horrible spreadsheet with stats (that needs to be updated): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-TAvo3ANmLnGF5myVgdR3dNebcMKVhi7E6jH-3n1RUg/edit?usp=sharing

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The Meijer Mer is a french-inspired luxury car with hydropneumatic suspension that takes heavy inspiration from the Citroën CX. Inside the engine bay lays a 3.2L v6 that produces roughly around the 130-150 hp mark. The car’s interior is nice and comfy.

The car you see in the pictures is a ‘rally’ version that has been thoroughly maintained until today.

Satisfaction rating: 5/10, I tried something new and I kinda failed a it.

-Normal: Meijer Mer - CW-2D V6.car (36.2 KB)
-Rallye: Meijer Mer - CW-2D V6 Rallye.car (38.8 KB)


With Failrace announcing the (rally) track for the next beamng/automation build off I decided to do some prep-work. I created 2 cars: The 2019 Meijer Ibaraki RSX C19 Group MB/2 which was built according to the 1785cc turbo class Group B regulations (it’s too light though), and the 2000 Meijer Assen RCX Group F, a evo/wrx rival. Both cars feature a ~400hp engine with the only differences being: the Ibaraki has a smoother power curve (suprisingly) but way less torque.

2019 Meijer Ibaraki RSX C19 Group MB/2

2000 Meijer Assen RCX Group F

Satisfaction rating: 6.7/10 and 6/10, the Ibariki is nothing special but it’s not bad and the Assen may be a bit rushed.

-Ibaraki: Coming soon
-Assen: Meijer Assen RCX - Group F.car (29.3 KB)


The 1970/1976 Meijer Tokyo S360 is a kei car, obviously. The 1970’s S360 variant features a compact 360cc I3 with a cast push rod head with a single eco carb, all of it’s 17 horsepower goes through the skinny front tyres.

The 1976’s S550 variants have, as suggested by the name, a 550cc I3 again with push rods and an eco carb. The power output is some where around the 27 horsepower. I looked around on wikipedia for references and I found that the Honda Z had a ‘Hondamatic’ automatic transmission so I made 2 variants: one with a automatic transmission and one with a manual.

My main source of inspiration were the Honda Z, Renault 4 and Subaru Rex

1976 Meijer Tokyo S550 Manual

Satisfaction rating: 8.5/10, I really love the design and I may use this kind of design for more 70’s Japanese cars.

-S360: Meijer Tokyo 70 - S360.car (34.6 KB)
-S550 Citymatic: Meijer Tokyo 70 - S550 Citymatic.car (35.9 KB)
-S550 Manual: Meijer Tokyo 70 - S550 Manual.car (40.4 KB)


It had been a long time since I made a car specific for a challenge, so I decided to give it a shot. When @CMT’s popped up I decided to give it a go. not without mistakes from me of course.

I looked at his/her original design and tried to infuse some 60’s Meijer design language in it. The result is decent if I may say so. It has some rough edges that I couldn’t polish away and it may look like a certain car from the 60’s (Cough Cough Pontiac GTO Cough Cough), this was by accident though.

Comparison with another 60’s Meijer

Satisfaction rating: 6.7/10, nothing special but not bad

CMT-MD Excelsior - M-V8L4 7000.car (44.8 KB)


I continued with the Tokyo line in the 90’s, this time with a 660cc. The one you see in the picture is the S660 B8v, the base model with an I3 SOHC 2v (no turbo). it pushes out a whopping 33.7hp and manages a fuel economy of 12.5L/100Km on 91 RON. You could probably drive it on the highways but it won’t be safe nor are you guarantied to hit 109 km/h, it’s top speed. It weighs just 748Kg so I hope it will be fun to drive.

The design is roughly based of the Honda City combined with some beautiful asymmetry.

I also made a 1.2 turbo version based of the GT4 legend: the Honda City Turbo II. It makes 115.1hp @ 7400rpm with a reasonable power and torque curve, which raises it’s top speed to 175km/h. It costs a lot more but that’s to be expected from an ‘up-market’ shitbox.

Satisfaction rating: 7.5/10, I adore the asymmetry of the car but it looks too much like it’s source material

S660-B8v - Meijer Tokyo 90 - S1200-T16v.car (45.8 KB)
S1200-T16v - Meijer Tokyo 90 - S660-B8v.car (41.0 KB)


After a long break from posting on the forum and a switch from computer I think it’s about time for a new batch of cars again. The cars in the following posts will be from car that are somewhere between the 6 months and 1 day old. So I’m not sure if these car will work in the current version of Automation and if the mods are still supported. I try to keep this as chronological as possible.

Jin Tsuki 2000 tuned & Wangan

As any weeb in the car community I have also watched Initial D and Wangan Midnight, however I watched Initial D 5 years ago and Wangan Midnight around 6 months ago. That was also the time that I decided to give a shot at building one of these extreme highway racers.

First I build the mildly tuned version, and I think that I succeeded: it looks like a stock 90’s sportscar with a couple of aftermarket parts slapped on it (including spoilers and stickers). The internals where also as expected: not much has changed from what a normal car would have and the cheap turbo gives a sudden surge of power, which, to be honest, was still a bit tame.

Next up came the Wangan version, which I really enjoyed making. I started off with the engine. Out went the 2L I4 turbo, and in came the twin turbo-ed 5.0L 1GZ-FE V12, which I first replicated before I tuned it. After some upgrading of the rest of the internal stuff I went on to the exterior.
At the front I tore off the pop-ups and replaced them with sealed headlights, replaced the front bumper and added some ‘speedholes’. The side remained pretty much unchanged, I also can’t remember the rear changing that much, the only thing that I changed where the massive cannons sticking out from diffuser. I added one of those silhoutte style ‘bonnet walls’ and a massive hole, for aerodynamic purposes, on the bonnet for the extra ‘racecar effect’. To top it off I added some new rims, a couple of signature Mid Night Club stickers and a couple of other stickers.

More pics

Final verdict
I really liked building these cars because it gave me a new way of approaching building a car. And I think that I succeeded: sure they look a bit simple compared to what other people on this forum can make, but they look somewhat believable.

Satisfaction rating
2000 Tuned: 6,7/10, while it looks a bit basic in a lot of areas, it still looks like a car from a rookie streetracer .
Wangan: 7,5/10, still simple but the overall feel is more complete and even 6 months further I still enjoy the looks of this car.

2000 tuned: Jin Tsuki - 2000 Tuned.car (41.0 KB)
Wangan: Jin Tsuki - Wangan.car (66.1 KB)



The topic of this post will be racecars. I made a couple, mainly for challenges. So let’s take a look.

Maler 42F TC

This car was made for the Automation Gamer Challenge (round 6). The aim of this challenge was to make a cheap touring car from 2020, and well I did.

I normally don’t make modern cars so this was an gigantic challenge for me. Luckily I knew what made a car modern: A N G E R Y and B I G S U C C. I did that and well, it looks like a five fixture wonder and really un-inspired. I also didn’t add a livery because the dumbass that I am thought that the players from the game would have to make their own team livery like in Grid. facepalm

Jin Hakone GT300

Another car, another challenge. This time it was Automotiveflux’s JGTC challenge. I entered a car in the GT300 category, this category didn’t have drivetrain restrictions like the RWD-only GT2/GT1. The smart thing to do would be to enter an AWD car, right? Of course I ignored that and entered an outdated mid-90’s RWD car. The outcome was predictable with one of the slower times set in that event. It did end up fifth in the vote for the GT300 cars though.

The design itself was, again, relatively simple but it definitely had potential. That’s why I used it as a basis for a design that I made later on. Also, I had a livery this time. It was slightly inspired by the ADVAN livery.

Jin Sakurasou GT-Homage

This car was made for a challenge by TwinTurBros. We needed to make Espace F1 inspired vehicles. So I made a van that paid tribute to the car above. However, it didn’t get a lame 4 cylinder turbo, it got a V6 twin turbo. It was fast… really fast, also pretty bouncy… The rear was decent, but the front was actually pretty good. That’s why I took absolutely no pictures of it. facepalm

Nero Farfalle 1400

This time we take it offroad with the Garcian Small Capacity Rally. The design on itself is, once again, simple (especially the rear, I’m actually embarresed of it) but this time I did add a few cool details around the car: places where a bumper once was have little holes to indicate that it was indeed there and I’ve also made a replica of a rally plaque on the bonnet.

Weber C28 GT3 Turbo

This racecar was designed for the Racing Showdown Advanced. According to the lore of my character it was an upgraded version of a car that ran (in front of her) in the GT3 class around 2004. I wanted to make a car inspired by the Ferrari 575 GT3, something hot-headed and spontanious (to fit her character), yet it had to be German because of the lore, the latter took the upperhand. It looks very ‘German’ but the driving feel should be somewhat hot-headed atleast.

Jin Kirimancharo

Another challenge from TwinTurBros was a dakar challenge. So naturally I’ve have big pink SUV. The car was inspired by the Mitsubishi and VW from around 2007. The latter can mainly be seen on the rear end. It took some time, but I’m really happy with this. (if only I wasn’t that lazy with the livery, or rather the lack of… T^T)

more pics

Final Verdict
Racecars aren’t my strong point…

Satisfaction Score:
Maler 42F TC: 3/10, it looks as empty as my cup of tea, however it was a good moment of learning.
Jin Hakone GT300: 7/10, the first time I made a proper racecar, I much prefer the updated version though.
Jin Sakurasou GT-H: 7/10, it’s stupid, I love it
Nero Farfalle 1400: 7/10 (for anything but the rear), I looks like an authentic racecar, the rear deserves a 0/10.
Weber C28 GT3 Turbo: 6,7/10, BIG. GERMAN. BOAT.
Jin Kirimancharo: 7,5/10, why didn’t I make a livery?

Maler 42F TC: AGC6 - TheAlmightyTwingo - Maler 42F-TC.car (32.4 KB)
Jin Hakone GT300: Jin Hakone GT300 - MAX GRIP RACING.car (55.5 KB)
Jin Sakurasou GT-H: Jin_VM20_Sakurasou_-GT-Homage.car (41.1 KB)
Nero Farfalle 1400: GSCR63-TheAlmightyTwingo-Nero_Farfalle_1400.car (62.3 KB)
Weber C28 GT3 Turbo: Weber_C28_GT3-Turbo.car (52.4 KB)
JIn Kirimancharo: Jin_DR08_Kirimancharo-_Dakar.car (50.4 KB)


…but if you keep practicing, and learn the finer details of making a racing livery, I’d expect you to improve your skills in that regard. The Hakone and C28 show some promise, though; they remind me of various cars from Burnout 3.

As for the Tsuki, the 2000cc version is quick, and the Wangan trim is just mental.


I really like this one :heart_eyes:


Driftin’, yo! Touge, bro! Overinflated price due to tofu tax, yo!

As a big fan of GT4 and Inital D I’ve seen many JDM sportscars and therefore they have gotten a special place in my heart. Naturally, if you like a certain type of car, you try to create a car in Automation following that formula, right? That’s what I’ve done with the cars in this post.

1999 Jin Tsubaki Xtream Racing edition

This is the first of the JDM sportscars that I’ve made on this PC. I, once again, made this for a challenge of TwinTurBros. It was based on one of my earlier designs: the Jin Tori GRX, as you can clearly see by the recycled headlights. However, the stock JDM bumper that I’ve used for pretty much every JDM car at that time has been changed into something more unique. The rear had also been changed, the Tori’s rear end looked like a knock-off Supra, while on the Tsubaki I’ve mostly designed it from the ground up: only the lower part was inspired by something I can’t remember the name of. Personally I think the rims should have been a bit larger, but I couldn’t due to the rules of the challenge and also the side vent looks a bit out of place. Still, I’m pretty chuffed with this design.

2003 Jin Tsubaki MID6 GT-vision

One day I was watching a video about Gran Turismo Vision concepts and I thought to myself ‘How would they look like if they were made for GT4?’. So I had set off to design a concept car for GT4. I wanted to create a mid-engined version of the Tsubaki. So I picked the mp4-12c body and basically slapped on the fixtures of the front engined version and slightly tweaked them. The result was kinda what you could expect from that. The problem was that it looks more like a production car and less like an early 00’s concept, so I might give it another shot another time. It’s still looks kinda cute though…

1994 Jin Hakone Turbostar

In my previous post I mentioned the Jin Hakone GT300, this is road-going version of that car. As you can see the front design is mostly the same, except for the new front bumper. The rear is a lot more different and fits more into the overall design. I really like this design, but I feel like it places better in 2004 than 1994.

More pics

Final verdict:
I’d like to say I’m decent in creating these types of cars, period-correctness is an issue however.

Satisfaction rating
Tsubaki: 7,8/10, this is honestly one of my favourite designs, especially the rear.
MID6: 7/10, while I think the design is fairly good I don’t think I’ve achieved my goal of creating a 2003 vision concept.
Turbostar: 7/10, I think it’s a good design, but it looks way too modern for 1994…

Tsubaki: Jin_FR90_-Tsubaki_Xtream_RACING_edition.car (44.2 KB)
Tsubaki I6 version: Jin_FR90-Tsubaki_S6T.car (42.8 KB)
Tsubaki MID6: Jin_MR03_Tsubaki-MID6_Gran_Turismo_Vision_Concept.car (34.1 KB)
Hakone Turbostar: Jin_FR92_Hakone-_Turbostar.car (40.3 KB)