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Melik's Lore Cars Automation


Ok, but how long it takes to make your own car? I’m just wondering.


well since i have to deal with school finals and all, i haven’t really been active on automation besides from earlier today. Also to answer your question, i don’t usually time myself, but maybe usually 30 minutes.




Melik Lore Cars Update!

Wassup folks, sorry for the hiatus. It’s kinda been a while since the last time I’ve been on my lore cars page but after for all the busy crap for the past months I’ve been having to deal with here are all the changes I did so far.

As you know the lore manufacturer Corbeta that is based on Chevrolet Corvette, a New name has to take the Corbeta name too Durant. To make more sense to the lore for Chevrolet.

Another Update is some Logo Changes, including some new lore manufactures.
Here is a list of the Car Manufactures so far!


What’s more to come?
Each week, I’ll be posting some car packs, depending on if I have time time to do so, I also made new car manufactures as if now, but they will come soon. Oh and as for my previous post, I will be Releasing the GTE & GT3 Racers Update along with a few cars that are currently being made. After that, i will do a poll on what lore cars you want to see next. Speaking of that i will put it on now!

Which Manufactures you want to see?

  • Montgomery(Mclaren)
  • Diamant(Porsches)
  • SMC-Siege Motor Cars(BMW)
  • Falco(Ferrari)

0 voters

Poll ends on September 8th

But besides that, I’ve also got used to editing on photoshop now so expect to see some cool pics later in the future! I was also making a racing game lore that was based apon the Gran Turismo Series as well. Hey you might even catch on the lore cars I’ve made as you see on some of these pics right now!

Pretty cool huh XD

Anyways, that’s all the updates for today and make sure stay tuned more on what’s coming up!

Melik signing out! Peace!:v:t5:


Melik Lore Cars Showcase #1


The vote is in! So the Winner of the vote is SMC! Here it is. Also, I will be going for the next Manufacturer Blog on the other votes in order. & since Falco was the first to be voted, It will be next so stay tuned for that.

Lore Manufacturer blog

1963 Logo
SMC, there isn’t anything german than this iconic manufacturer, now is it? Before Siege Motor Cars, The name was originally called Seige Motoren Fahrzeuge (SMF). SMF was founded in 1916 when they have been developing engines for most aircraft. But they also produced motorcycles engines, which had them making unique bikes at its time. But soon in 1928, They started to make cars. SMF expended the range making sports cars and big luxury cars. But they also wanted to change the manufacture name a bit since they were not only producing cars, but they still wanted to produce bikes aswell. So for the car range, it was called Siege Motor Cars as the bike range was called Siege Motor Bikes. So the years went by and around the 1970s, motorsports got big for SMC, especially for there SLS 30, which competed in Group 5 Racing. And because of there success, they decided to start making their performance division, “S Performance”. But besides that, SMC became a success after they built their Group 4 machine, The S1.

After those past years, they were dominating the motorsport world from DTM to any other kind of racing. Rallying, Group A Racing, GT Endurance, you name it. And a few line ups were really popular back in its day. The S3, S5 was the only line ups that are continuing their productions today, But with a few recent faces showed up to the market. Like the S4, S6, S2 & many more. Last year they brought back the S5 With a whole new look and more modern technology put into the engineering. To this day, SMC Will continue its motorsports legacy.

Road Cars

Race Cars


Melik Lore Cars Showcase #2


Melik Lore Car Update!

Wassup petrolheads, I’m back for another update. So as you know I’ve once again been away for a while but during my break, I’ve been busy making new lore cars so here is the update!

New Lore Manufactures
Feel like driving something small? Kasumi is here!

Kasumi (Based on Suzuki)

With feature cars like…
2006 Kasumi Brisk Sport
1998 Kasumi Mochaccino

Currently, there is a couple of other new manufactures still on works but in the meantime, I’m currently in progress of making the full car list video so you guys will be able to see all the lore that was made.

In other news…

Tuning Houses will be Joining the Lore car rosters!

Tuner shops that will be featuring…

Amaze (Based on Power House Amuse)
YOUR’S Motorsports (Based on MINE’S)
Fork (Based on Spoon)
Hiltenfeltzer (Based on Lingenfelter)
KT Takahashi (Based on RE Amemiya)
Nakamo (Based on Nismo)

Well, that’s all for today & make sure to stay tuned for more on what’s coming up!

Melik signing out! Peace:v:t5:


Its Muscle Time!
What do you want to see for the next manufacturer blog?

  • Shade (Dodge)
  • Rufus (Ford)
  • Durant (Chevrolet)
  • Aussin/ASV (Holden/HSV)

0 voters

Poll ends on November 17


Taking a break from this topic
Hey guys Melik here, I’m gonna be taking a break from this topic. It kinda got a bit boring for me but I have a new topic I plan on showing it to u guys that might be interesting. In the meantime, I won’t be posting anything here in a while. But stay tuned for the new topic in the meantime :wink:


IM BACK, and guess what!

Im gonna be uploading my cars for you guys to toy with in beam ng drive! Starting with the, Japanese Car Pack!


Enjoy! :v::grin: