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MEN Nutfahrzeuge AG


MEN MUAL-RV (Mutli Use Armoured Light Response Vehicle)

The Armored defense vehicle with a soul!

The MEN MualRV is tactical armored light vehicle, for both civilian and industrial use. With standard B7 Armored window protection, and IED resistant STANAG 2 underbody protection the MUAL-RV is Policja tested and street proven.

Powered by Men’s Hussar 6.7L V8 Turbo diesel, with 385 Horsepower and 785lb/ft of torque, as well as 4.75 rear gearing, The MUAL-RV can not only move itself wherever necessary with extreme haste. What’s more, it comes with selectable 4WD which can be changed on the fly, as well as high and low transfer case, for response over any terrain. The MUAL-RV is speed rated for up to 85MPH. It also weighs 7220kg with a GVW of 8730KG.

Contact your local MEN logistics dealer for pricing of the MUALRV Today!


MEN Klassisch, 1986 Urbvan LD.

For nearly the entirety of its existence, workers in the eastern bloc had little choice other than the MEN vans and trucks. However, during the late 70s, more and more began turning to imported vans from China and other socialist countries. To combat this, more funding was given to MEN to develop a new Urbvan and keep the manufacturing industry afloat. However, as the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan developed, funding was shifted away from the Urbvan project and toward vehicles suitable for the conflict. The end result was the Urbvan LD, after almost every corner had been cut to get it to production.

It used a 3.2L 6 Cyllinder engine with much more power than any predecessor. 112 Horsepower. And the MEN engineers (Or Mengineers) were forced to reuse the existing 3 speed manual to save on costs. It had solid axle suspension all around, in part due to save development costs, in further part to handle the tough, poorly maintained roads. All Urbvan LDs were equipped with 4WD with transfer cases to give the engine more punch when needed.

Function-wise, the Urbvan LD was acceptable. However complaints of refinement, break downs and poor build quality, the issues that drove up the popularity of imports in the first place, were not addressed. Most who purchased the Urbvan LD did so out of nationalistic defiance, and probably would have had a certain song about a siege playing on the radio, had the van come with one as standard…

MEN Urbvan LD - 4WD.car (29.8 KB)


How did u add the video on here? Is it mp4?


You can’t upload MP4 files onto Discourse. You have to hyperlink it through a third party site like streamable or YT.


@DoctorNarfy ok thanks!



Hello, Future.

It’s time to be upgraded.

A better future awaits us with the MEN CYBER_MEN. Our commitment to electric vehicles has driven us to find the future. And the future is in the past. We saught the advice of our best, most forward thinking and infuential designers, then locked them in a padded white room, with naught to design the Cyber_Men but a straight ruler and a pencil.

All Electric. All MEN.

With 0-60 in under 3 seconds, thanks to 4 individual motors. One on each wheel, to perform All Wheel Drive. EPA range will be roughly 400 Miles. More specs will come as the CYBER_MEN nears release.

Ruggedness to a whole new level.

Look, we get it. You can’t drive to save your life. So the MEN CYBER_MEN is made of dent resistant steel, leaving you free to crash into as many filthy peasants backwards progress haters as you want. Then, post the video on Teslarati thanks to our integrated video dash-camera system, and claim it was their fault. And, by association, all drivers of petrol are irredeemable jerks who are out to get you!

But don’t worry. Even if the truth does catch up to you, the CYBER_MEN is bulletproof. So feel free to drive through those dangerous parts of town where people don’t have the sensibility and dedication you do to work hard and buy electric cars.

Visit the MEN website to give us free money for the promise that we may one day make this thing if we find it in the kindness of our hearts make a deposit on the CYBER_MEN today!


You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.


I thought there should be a broken glass…


2008 MEN BRAP (Bomb Resistant Armored Protected) JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle)

shoutout to @Dorifto_Dorito for the awesome design!

For over 10 years, the MEN BRAP (Bomb Resistant Armored Protected) has been the pride of the formidable Polish Military. Now, experience what it means to be a men yourself and own your very own MEN BRAP (Bomb Resistant Armored Protected) today. Weighing in at 8000lbs, and powered by a 6.7L diesel V8 with 220 horsepower.

Basic armor protection allows for the stoppage of 7.62mm ammunition from up to 100 yards away. The forward-underside of the vehicle can withstand a blast from a 12-lb mine while the rear of the vehicle can withstand up to a 4-lb mine blast. Additionally, all-around protection allows the vehicle and crew to survive fragmentation blasts from a 155mm artillery piece.

Drive the MEN BRAP (Bomb Resistant Armored Protected) in BeamNG.drive today!

Patriot MIM-104


MEN’s High strength, versatile and capable CRAP chassis, powered by a 10L Turbodiesel V8, when paired with the Raytheon Phased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target (PATRIOT) High to Medium Air Defense (HIMAD) system provides the ultimate SAM defense system.

Global Patriot has a defined growth path that will ensure the system continues outpacing the threat through 2048 and beyond.


C-400 Триумф


MEN’s High strength, versatile and capable CRAP chassis, powered by a 11L air cooled, 2-Stoke diesel V8 in combination with a belt driven air compressor. When paired with the NPO Almaz S-400 Triumf High to Medium Air Defense (HIMAD) system provides the ultimate SAM defense system.

S-400 Triumf has a defined growth path that will ensure the system continues outpacing the threat through 2048 and beyond.

Drive in BEAMNG.Drive