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Merciel S.A Archives


Merciel S.A Archive

EST. 1912

Automobiles Perfectionnées

Welcome to the Merciel Archives! All the old posts from 2017-2020 are archived here. Two new threads will be opened soon, one for current Merciel Models, and the other for Historic Models!

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Žnoprešk-Marlin Automobili
Auto Corporation of America | 1956-60 ACA Corona
Merciel Archives: Montreuil FM4

Extra Images

Extra Images


1.8 in such small car? I’d say that’s even pretty sporty :slight_smile:


That is one cute classic you’ve got there. It’s no surprise that its simplicity made it a favorite among the general public!

Merciel Archives: 1966 Merciel 112

Extra Images

Extra Images


Gosh what a pretty little car! Can’t decide if that red or that blue looks better.

And as for a rivalry between the 112 and the Merna, well, I couldn’t think of a better script of one being better on the track and another being better on a rally course :smiley:


What a pretty little car that is! And it has some racing pedigree too.

"Merciel Archives: Nohda Assent

Extra Images

Extra Images


Fuck yeah asymmetry! :smile:


It’s obvious that you have made a sharp-looking sport compact. Despite the primitive live rear axle, somehow it manages to be fun to drive, while retaining a fair amount of practicality.

Also, by broadening the scope of this thread to focus on an entire group of brands, I expect to see a lot more of your (UE4) cars than just the ones from Merciel itself.


That front grille. You just won at automation.




Honestly do you want cash, card, PayPal, solid gold bars? 'Cause I am sold.


Kansei dorifto?!*

Other than that, this car is one of my favourites now.


That is so 80s and so Japanese that I would drive just for that intense 80s Japanese properliness :grin: I feel like I need to re-learn how to design looking at this and remembering my designs from the era. BTW, how did you make that front body-coloured logo?


If that’s not a rival to the Mk4 Scarlet, I don’t know what is, but the blue paint and yellow headlights remind me of Alpines of old, such as the original A110 and the later A310.


Looks sexy as hell though.

Merciel Archives: Nohda Bop! and Merciel Pixi

Extra Images

Extra Images



"Merciel Archives: Corsaire GTE and Vixen WRC

Merciel Corsaire GTE 2018

Unveiled at the LA Auto Show this week, the Corsaire GTE has gone through a radical facelift. The new facelift features new LED headlights and front grill.

Behind, a new set of LED taillights, a new larger diffuser and a larger, more impressive rear wing. This all improves downforce and handling of the car

Underneath, the car has received some minor adjustments following the feedback from the 2017 car. The engine, which previously made whopping 800hp has now been electronically limited to 750, improving driveability and the electronic steering assist has been replaced with a variable hydraulic one, improving the driver’s feel for the road.

Overall, the new 2018 Corsaire should be just as, if not more competitive than the 2017 model.

The new 2018 Corsaire without any liveries

Merciel Vixen WRC 2018

Also shown at the LA Motor Show was the new 2018 Merciel Vixen WRC. Replacing the 2017 Vitesse WRC, the new 2018 Vixen WRC is the successor to the 2004 Vixen WRC, which won 3 consecutive championships from 2005-2008.

Due to the new 2018 regulations, the new Vixen is wider than the old Vitesse, allowing for more stability. In addition, the extra aerodynamic features present on the car further improve handling.

Underneath, the Vixen retains the 1.6L i4 from the Vitesse, which in itself is based off the 2004 Vixen. While the extra weight of the Vixen may seem to hinder the performance of the car, the new 2018 car features a new, more sophisticated anti-lag system that reduces lag allowing for it to reach peak power much faster.

In addition to this, the new Vixen features a more advanced electronic central locking differential and a new 6 speed sequential gearbox, overall, making the Vixen as fast as the Vitesse.

The new 2018 Vixen WRC without any liveries


The Corsaire looks like it could give an equivalent Scarlet or Fleming a run for its money, and the Vixen… Well, quite frankly, it’s mental!


Dude, read the guidelines. You aren’t allowed to post pr0n on here :roll_eyes: