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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]


Previous thread went belly up.

Here are cars I’ve made in automation. Everything from MPV’s to Supercars.

2019 Lios Speedbreak


Lios Speedbreak Concept


Marks Compan CFS SAP (Sport Appearance Package) and Uber luxury awd model.
A modern family MPV that can be specified to make any family happy.


Cheapest Commuter you can buy, the Zurivch Pride 1300


Uras Eon, one of the first cars I made in Automation…

Now remade!


Base Eon

Eon CC



Very Luxurious Sedan 500


Marks Tzar


Grandpa car


That’s quite a compelling lineup - with the Eon being one of my favorites - so when will we see the mechanical specs for that one?

Edit: it definitely has the thrust to back up its sleek looks, and thanks to all-independent suspension, ought to handle well.



1951 Rekker Retriever
powered by a 3l i6 and equipped with a 4x4 system


2015 Yakaza SBC SP1


(insert BRZ rebadge joke here)


Kalsen K59


Some really nice stuff you got there. Could we have links to tune them/drive them in Beam or is that out of the question?


I have no problem providing the .car files when I’m home and if I remember.


Uras - Eon.car (58.5 KB)


Kalsen - K59.car (60.0 KB)


Yakaza - Yeeta.car (54.4 KB)