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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]



This latest before/after picture could be a teaser for a facelifted Iroquis Deluxe/Brillare - very slightly less ostentatious but still with plenty of presence.


Yakaza Ingres GS, Coupe GS & Ingres Coupe Track
A smol car for a big future.



Before I make a proper post(s) for my recent cars.
I’ll just drop this ad here for the time being.


Rosker Tigo

A little showcase of a car I’ve been making for around half a month.

Yes, these share the same body.

With the release of the recent update and with the use of 3D fixtures. I was able to hide the original window lines and creases of the base body.
When I started making the 5-door version the update came out, which is why it has this done and the 3-door does not, but it serves as a good before and after.

A little history of the car.

Work In Progress stage back in late October.

At the time I just wanted to create a little 80s Euro shitbox.

“Finished” stage, or atleast the first time it was seen on #showcase :sweat:

Or specifically, at this stage it had a name and a purpose. A budget family car from my Belgian brand ‘Rosker’. Released in 1982 to compete with the Golf and other cars competing with it. This was a base 1.1L engine with some nice trim, such as over-fenders and small fog lights.

Mo Pics

Covering the major bases.

Moah Pics

Here’s where I made 3 trim that span from base entry level, to mid level trim and then a high level sporty trim.

The GT trim is more of a nice trim with some pep instead of a blazingly fast hot hatch, essentially like a M-sport or S-line kit for this car, since it only has around 80-something HP (not final tho).

Unfinished Race version.

Not meant to be a factory race car, but more of a privately made race car, will definitely try to do this one up properly. Since the body doesn't really support large or wide wheels, I used another car that could have very large and wide wheels and hid it's body and chassis in the photo scene.


1986 Facelift.

Now with fuel injection as standard. Clear lights, thiccer bumpers, no partition in the doors and wider tailamps. Gives the old Tigo a fresh look for the mid to late 80s.

The Tigo spans from 1982 to 1985, 1986 face lifted and till 1990 in production.

Moa Pics

Finished Product.

Rosker Tigo 1.7 Clubsport

All views


Future plans.

There is still a lot I have planned to do with this platform. A merger with Bermag, with that rebaged Tigos as Bermags.
A detailed lore and specification sheets with adverts.

However I plan on “retiring” from automation for a month or till the end of the year to finish my own projects and do some much more important stuff, so I will uninstall the game from my HDD. Since with this update I will never get anything done and if I keep looking at what people are creating with these new tools… I will get tempted, so a break is in order :pensive:

So that’s all in the future, for now, I hope you like my little shitbox, or as Nich put it…

Cya later, can’t wait to see what people create with 3D fixtures in a months time or a little later.


Man I love this car. It’s so detailed! The wip at the start is at the same level of my finished cars! And that reworking on the windows is beautifull! Good job, and bood luck on your personal projects!


I hope it’s not too late, but could you be a compadre and share the car file? I wanna study how you did some things.