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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]


Yakaza - SBC SP1 .car (70.9 KB)


Keis - FX-230.car (80.2 KB)


Lios - 376 Special.car (49.1 KB)


Mora - SeC 540.car (114.0 KB)


Op delivers!


The first time I saw the Lios 376 Special, I was instantly reminded of another car from OutRunners: the Mad Power. Both are bright yellow and resemble the Lamborghini Diablo, but that’s where the similarity ends. Never mind that the Lios only has a tiny (3.5L) V10, making just over 400 bhp (for comparison, a contemporary 3.0L V10 used in F1 would have made well over 700 bhp) under its rear deck (which would have made it more of a rival to the Ferrari 355 than the Lambo Diablo), and is a 1996 car, whereas OutRunners came out in 1992; as an aesthetic masterpiece, it’s right up there with all those Merano design proposals you made recently. Then again, considering its release date, the Lios 376 Special would not have looked out of place in Scud Race either.

And the Uras Eon, despite (or because of) its undersized engine (a 3.0L V8? Seriously?!), definitely has some potential - it could see use as a track car, since its lack of engine capacity clearly allows it to rev to the moon without much difficulty - something exclusively reserved for supercars and hypercars in real life nowadays.


Love your knowledge about classic racing games.


The sp1 is my favorite design. I still Love all your awesome designs!


Amazing designs! :slight_smile:


The Purma nelo v8


Purma Nelo EB


RMC Pulse 6 GT


RMC Pulse 6 GTR


Name of mod used for liveries?


What you did to create the Pulse 6 GTR reminds me of Burnout 3 somewhat. The base car makes me think of a more modern equivalent of the Coupe Type 2 from that game, minus the giant wing, so the GTR brings to mind a 2010s reimagining of the Assassin Coupe, which was the upgraded version of the Coupe Type 2. At any rate the Pulse 6 GTR looks like it could be mixing it up with other cars from the GTE Pro category in the World Endurance Championship.


He made it using Bumper Bars


Upon closer inspection it seems you are right :joy:
That must’ve been a real treat to do


Yakaza Yeeta YSR


Here are the .car(s)
If I remember correctly, I used the grille, exhaust mods from L5 i think, and the starfish wheels mod too.

Yakaza - Yeeta Y350R.car (101.1 KB)


Yakaza - Aloza LX.car (74.2 KB)