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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]


Yakaza - Outburst 4x4 Turbo.car (143.5 KB)


Rosker Oasis Turbo (Automatic and S 5 speed)

Rosker - Oasis Turbo Automatic.car (149.5 KB)
Rosker - Oasis Turbo S 5-Speed.car (151.4 KB)


Somehow the Oasis Turbo reminds me more of a VB, VC or VH Commodore than a W201 190E or W124 E-Class, especially from the front. At any rate, it’s still one of your best-looking cars yet, and rolling proof that we need more Rosker models on this thread - the Warrior was a great start, and somehow it has only gotten better ever since.

Edit: the RRS version of the Oasis Turbo is definitely my favorite trim now. The wild aerokit makes it look even more of an 80s icon than it already is, to the point that it would fit right in with anything at Radwood.


Rosker Oasis Turbo RRS
Rosker - Oasis Turbo RRS.car (152.3 KB)



Yakaza UrbanX

Special edition



Pretend offroad edition


What an absolutely solid design you got there. This is the first time that a car posted here, in the forums, made me automatically think “that thing could totally work IRL”.

Really, that’s a brilliant design.


What, you haven’t seen Gryphon Gear?


Whats that?


UrbanX advert

original image


AFM - Luxembargo.car (84.0 KB)


Bee Em Dabya 850aye



BMW - 850i (E31).car (93.2 KB)


You are easily the most talented aesthetics designer on the forums. Absolutely no question.


Definitely the most accurate replica yet. It’s only fitting that you make something as true to life as this.


BMW - 840i (E31) .car (103.9 KB)
BMW - 850i (E31).car (103.0 KB)

Did a few updates and added 840i version.



Yakaza - UrbanX SAe (white).car (154.2 KB)
Yakaza - UrbanX SAe .car (153.9 KB)
Yakaza - UrbanX SAe Okotta.car (384.7 KB)

Files for the Yakaza UrbanX


What fixture do you use for the defrosters on the Urban & Outburst?


It’s a mod, forgot by who, but it’s got orange and green decals, one of them is a cube, Thats what i used.