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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]


Download links for current cars

CSC11 - MGR’99 - Annis ZR-350.car (90.0 KB)
Kotashi - Rota 1.2iVT Turbo.car (134.2 KB)
Kotashi - Rota 1.2iVT.car (134.3 KB)
Delmont - Portador LXT V6.car (132.9 KB)
Aumilla - Vertra 1800 AE .car (174.8 KB)


The Pleasure mobile

Schrafen 935i GL


idk how u get ur pictures to look so good!


“Aw man Dad do you have to drop us off out the front of the school in the…”

Also like for the number plate choice.


I think I finally have the lights to my liking in Beam:


Here’s my Auction car showcase video. (I know most of you regulars of here have seen it already)


what fixture mods do you use


Pretty much all of them :wink:


uh oh

Neubran Tragen MP23

Neubran - Tragen MP23.car (92.3 KB)

Yakaza Outburst 4x4 Turbo

Yakaza - Outburst 4x4 Turbo.car (135.6 KB)


You just destroyed the CMT Listra design wise. I thought nobody would care about delivery vehicles, but I was wrong obviously.


Sorry :disappointed:


I like the Outburst 4x4, it looks like a tough and reliable little wagon. Seems to be optimal for bad Hungarian road conditions and psycho Budapest traffic. :slight_smile:

What kind of engine has it got? Would you share some specs?


I mean, you could download it and see for yourself…
But it’s a SOHC Turbo 1.6 I4 making 111hp.


The outburst is radiating some strong Toyota Tercel vibes - and I even think it looks better.


That’s the inspiration.
When I made the original version, that’s what I wanted, a high roof estate with 4x4. But that was with the SUV body.

Kotashi Lazer4 Turbo

Kotashi - Lazer4 Turbo.car (102.6 KB)


Looks like a Pontiac. Very cool.


I recognize the background screenshot - it’s from Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2, a spin-off of Shutokou Battle set in various mountain roads throughout Japan. I understand why Genki (developers of the series) decided to use Yen as the currency for this sub-series - not for realism, but to avoid having to divide item prices and prize values by 100 for Western markets.