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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]


The Offroader looks so real it could easily trick anyone who hasn’t played this. Nice job on the design, it’s gorgeous! :smiley:

Yakaza AZERO XTe

The fuel efficient concept car.
Powered by a 1.6 Turbo I4 concept engine.
The car has fiberglass body panels fitted to a spaceframe chassis, making the car under 700 kg.



Jesus effin’ Christ, that’s a work of art.


Awesome, i never thought about editing the doors and bonnet openings! :smiley:
Seems like a good challenge for next time i do a car :stuck_out_tongue:
The car has a great style, i might try my hand at this kind of thing.
Also holy shit, redoing the body lines / seams smoothly must of been a pain xD

Be the owner of an Elwood Iroquois MK2!
5 very lucky people can become proud owners of their very own Iroquois, all you have to do is drop a comment in this thread with your name*, age* and what you intend to do with this car.


  • 488 CI V8
  • 3-Speed Automatic
  • 4 Extra comfy seats


lil extra

note, you don’t have to use your real name and or age, this is just for fun
Each car will be slightly different from another, may it be colour, wheels or something else.

The owners will be chosen within 24 hours.


Mid 20 something

Cruising in Beam, maybe some engine tuning…


James K. Davis
55, but in denial. I have a 25 Russian girlfriend.

Reviewing the car, or at least granting it an article in the magazine I write for, The Exhaust Note.


Lava Cake
early 20s

Do some cruising, like others, but also tweak around with it and make a sport version, with your blessing of course.


Beep Boop P3PP3R
To sit in my collection of land ships on automation and defo not reverse engineer to make my redesigned Silver-Yorks look tastier


Cruise around in beam, admire its craftsmanship, and maybe learn some tricks (engineering and fixtures) because I’m terrible at making anything pre-1980


17, can drive legally

Keep it stored in a garage, drive it every now and then, and keep great care of it!
Also to admire, and study what makes it so beautiful.


18 (and totally not 17)

take it for a spin,be amazed at the quality, and use it as inspiration for some of my own boats and stuffs


Note: This is all role play stuff.

Name: Bob Hudson
Age: 73
Why: “I had one of these when they came out! Bought it new, and me and my wife drove it for 15 years, I sure miss it. Had to finally let it go because the engine died. Recently we both have been realizing that we don’t have another 40 years to enjoy life, and our aging and boring 1998 Deer and Hunt sedan just isn’t fun. My wife and I sure would like to get another Elwood, just to cruise and have our very own piece of automotive history, and a bit of ours as well.”


26 years old.
Yesterday was my birthday :slight_smile:

Hm maybe I want to use this car for the upcoming racing challenge. :wink: let’s hope the best.


Almost 20

Slinging around some crack cocaine, donking the car

Also check out my mixtape


I am Sean Connery. The one and only. With my age of 89 I would like to cruse with this old luxury barge. Also I would like to try and impress Olivia Newton-John a special woman in my life. I have been in love with her for a long time. Taking her and this car for a dinner or a coupe of tea would be groowy. Hopefully the keys of this old lady would be mine.

Farewell Chaps!


James Boberts, 55, unhappy with my wife fuck her

Try to pick up some girls (or guys if I’m unlucky), most likely keep it at the garage


I am Olivia Newton-John. The one and only. With my age of xx I would like to cruse with this old luxury barge. Also I would like to try and impress Sean Connery a special man in my life. I have been in love with him for a long time. Taking him and this car for a dinner or a coupe of tea would be groovy. Hopefully the keys of this old lady would be mine.


We have 5 lucky Elwood Iroquois owners!

  • @Private_Miros Gets the 1976 King Iroquois E! (Blue)
  • @ProfessorP3PP3R Gets the very rare first year 1972 model! (Not in picture)
  • @Crash77 Gets the 1975 Top spec King Iroquois, with the very rare experimental turbo engine and all-round independent suspension! (Green)
  • @Ryan93 Gets the 1976 entry level Iroquois L! (White)
  • @stm316 Gets the 1976 ‘‘best spec’’ Iroquois LX! (Black)

To everyone who still wants an Iroquois for themselves, don’t worry, soon there will be another 5 available (but to only the people who left a message within 24h of the first post).

sorry it took longer than expected :frowning: