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MGR's Auto Place /// [ Rosker Tigo ]

Elwood Gran Bellevue


The Gran Bellevue definitely reminds me of the final generation of Lincoln Town Car, which was introduced in 1998 and still in production until 2011. I can imagine stretch limo variants of it being used for official black-tie (read: formal) events throughout North America and elsewhere, for the following reason in particular:

Couldn’t agree more. In fact, I cannot think of a better-looking modern land barge than this.


Nice one! How did you make the taillights? They are great.


Now that’s how a proper full-size sedan should look! Very harmonic and nice design, congrats!


I have nothing to say exept N U T

Today marks my first year on the Automation forums!


2011 Fercia Ultimo Turismo 10R

Pure vanilla


Ok so the rear of this is meh… but that front though :heart_eyes:


Much of it just looks so right - the double-bubble roof, purposefully aggressive front end and sharp-edged tail make it look and feel just like a post-2010 super GT/supercar should.


One thing I Can’t get over are those hubcaps, but a cool design nonetheless


Don’t view them as hubcaps, but as wheels.
No other wheel has such depth and shape, so I used these, really accentuate the shape of the car


Here’s the rear I almost went with, then I made the one you see above



The Incredible Iroquois Deluxe

A luxury car like no other, the 1959 Elwood Iroquois Deluxe is the ultimate expression of what a luxury car is. The only way a self respecting man can travel.

With the most comfortable vinyl seats, smoothest V8 and it’s drop dead beauty the Iroquois combines all the right stuff to create a car you’d love to own.

The Commander (E8CIP) V8 delivers exquisite smoothness and power into one engine and moving the Iroquois with pep and poise.

The Iroquois compared to an unaltered body


Easily the best-looking 50s American land yacht ever. The amount of work you put in to transform a blank slate into this jaw-dropper is enormous but well worth the time and effort.


Absolutely beautiful. I love it


Nice! Agree with @abg7 also!


It is absolutely gorgeous. would it be possible to download that one to reverse Engineer it and maybe make my Cars look Decent?

Elwood Iroquois Brillare Special


The Iroquis Brillare Special is exactly the kind of car a silver screen goddess like Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly would drive in Beverly Hills back in the early 60s. I’m sure it, like the Deluxe sedan, would be worth hundreds of thousands now at most (for the best examples), such was its extravagant opulence.