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Microwave's Cars


at least the range rover is built at the proper factory and india was part of the empire so in a way it still is proper


Realised I never posted these here, so have some Rover porn courtesy of @adamd

Hoping to get the new car this weekend/early next week. My excitement is through the roof and I can’t wait to start pissing about with it.


what new car ?




a trabbie?







you… traded a rover 800 , one of the finest cars to come out of the partnership with honda and the sucessor to the marvellous SD1 for that communistical, horrible, two stroke pile of east german cardboard?


Sure appears that way

The 800s reputation was (rather deservedly) ruined when Honda stopped cooperating with Rover, wouldn’t exactly call a 1996 model “fine”, nor would I call the SD1 marvellous lmao. But I did love the car when it worked. Not everything has to be an upgrade, so to speak.


This rover wouldnt happen to be the KV6 powered version would it? if so you are even more of a muppet and btw the sd1 WAS marvellous it just wasnt built well…


No, it was a 2.0 Turbo. I think if a car isn’t built well it shouldn’t be called marvellous in the way that you’re saying it is. Good in theory doesn’t always mean good in practice, unfortunately, and this is coming from someone who tries their best to like these cars. Anyway, thread is derailing, pack it in.


Ok… how is the 25 btw? Did you ever get those problems sorted on it?


Lmao :joy: