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Microwave's Cars


Behold, my latest purchase

A 1988 Austin Maestro 1.3L. For those not familiar with the Austin Rover cars of the eighties, this was their C segment car to fit between the smaller Austin Metro, and the larger Austin Montego. This is an “L” trim, which fits into the range just above the base spec, but it does gain quite a few handy features. It is powered by a 1275cc BMC A-Series engine (yes, the same engine they used in just about everything since the 1950s) that produces 68hp and 75 ft-lb of torque. This particular car has an optional 5-speed gearbox, which is always nice to have in the interest of economy etc.

This is going to be a bit of a rolling restoration. It shouldn’t take a lot to get the car road legal, but to get it looking presentable will take a lot more time and money. As it stands, I know the car needs some welding on both rear sills, as well as the brake system properly investigating. It does not hold any brake fluid, so it has no brakes. Originally this was thought to be a brake pipe or hose, but it may well be the servo after further investigation.

I may update the thread with more info and photos now and then. For now, please enjoy this album of poor-quality SLR shots. Yes, it has 34,363 original miles! https://imgur.com/a/MPRXoMi