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Minimalist or Minimal Effort? - A Design Challenge


2014 Hark Gina

you saw nothing


doesn’t stop me from making something original, anyways I am sure that I tried to make-do with what the limitations are put in place.


Entire car :slight_smile:


Discrimination against mandatory 2 plate countries


Sorry if this is bothersome, just clarifying –

Mirrors and door handles don’t count? And is the badge counted as one fixture as well?


2014 Oxford Ripley

(top-of-the-line model shown)


Yes. One pair of mirrors and two pairs of handles do not count towards the fixture quantity. A badge does count however


‘Luxury’ Compact

make a BMW 1M but it's not a BMW 1M

You want aggressive? I'll give you aggressive all right :P


le Osiru Mira (updated to be more aggresive boi and less fixtures)



here’s the rear too snice I’m considered a “NeW mEmBeR”


Pro (Not really) tip: it’s better to edit the pic into your first post than to double post.


He’s a new user, he cant actually upload more than one screenshot per post so it wouldnt have mattered. That being said, just use imgur or something similar.


Wait, brand new users couldn’t upload more than one at a time? Huh


Sol 1

A new super-sedan by Sol, performing with a beastly 2.5L TwinTurbo V6 producing over 330hp alongside top of the range all-wheel-drive and a sporty, yet elegant aerodynamic body style.

Sol 1: Second to none.


The lighting is a bit weird in this photo-location, the car is actually a bright white, and the centre of the taillights should be red, strangely enough it worked though.

Also I’m a bit unsure if I hit the entry requirements because of placement on the badges and the “lips on bottom” thing…

Anyway hope you enjoy my design! I had a bit of fun doing something non-Arion for a change!


Moteur Devoir’s Mini-Limousine

One of their latest forays into the luxury market is the Paon L (Luxe), a vehicle that plans to merge the comfort and prestige of a limousine into a compact sedan while keeping the aggressive form factor of the latter.

‘Glimpse into the future with Moteur Devoir’.


I was going to enter this challenge but seeing these cars. I have no chance.


Nether do I, but I sent one in anyway.


It is only 4 fixtures per side, so extreme detail is taken out of the question here, you make the best you can with 4 fixtures per side


Being only 4 fixtures per side makes a strong aesthetic sense even more important.