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Minimalist or Minimal Effort? - A Design Challenge


Can’t say I wasn’t expecting that! :joy:


I really loved the concept and execution of this competition, thanks @yangx2! This sort of thing was right up my alley as I already tend to favor a ‘minimalist’ design philosophy in my own vehicles, and I really enjoy the challenge of using existing fixtures in creative ways. Here’s a couple of tips that might be helpful to you:

  • Stretch, rotate, and flip fixtures as much as possible. Most people tend to just accept the basic fixture shape as provided, and do some minor scaling and angling. But you can create completely new and interesting shapes by experimenting with flipping, turning 90 degrees or 180 degrees, and stretching and squashing. You won’t find any vanilla headlight that looks like mine - because I spent quite a bit of time experimenting with the vanilla headlights to create new shapes and identities.

  • Layer grilles to make new grille shapes. You can make so many unique shapes just by combining two grilles. Think about the lines created by your headlights and see if you can follow them coherently with your grille shape. Use these two tips together to make lines flow smoothly from one fixture into the next.

Here’s the new Adenine design language on a different body with a few extra details :wink:


I think he liked mine!

And uh, clarification: no I am not a fucking furry!


I know uhwuu :wink:


I shouldn’t have gone for the weird looking windows. Still, good challenge so far.