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[MINIVAN RACING] CNCharger's Racing Minivan Challenge


I hope that the format is right this time.

CNCharger’s Racing Minivan Challenge 2018

My Superwagon doing a Burn Out

This Challenge is about building minivans that are meant to race. Contestants will build a racing minivan, post a front, side, rear view images and a Gasmean market image and test track image with the track time. May the Best Minivan Win.


  • Model Year 2019 or newer (we need more model years for kee engine)
  • Must have atleast 4 cylinders but limited to 8. (Judge’s request)
  • Must be a minivan
  • Must have atleast 7 seats
  • Quality may not exceed 3 on anything
  • You may use racing parts except Carbon Fibre and Fibre Glass
  • Minivans must have a drivability of atleast 35
  • Minivan production costs must not exceed $30K
  • Minivans must be faster than 140 mph
  • Minivans must be fuel injected
  • You must use Kee Engine to build the Minivans
  • You are limited to one entry

What will be scored?

  • Aesthetics (this will be 1 - 10)
  • Top Speed (higher)
  • Acceleration (lower time for 0 - 62mph)
  • Drivability (higher)
  • Seating (more points for more seats)
  • Price (or lack thereof, but must be selling)
  • Economy (higher mpg)
  • Track Time at automation test track (shorter time)
  • Presentation (1 - 10)
  • Votes (more votes)
  • Performance Index (Higher)

I will also be in this competition with a new minivan, so I won’t be judging. Can anyone judge, preferably one that makes youtube videos of Automation Challenges? Cause of this there will be two winners, Judge’s Winner, and Popular Winner.

How to Submit

  • Car Name (format: Year, Make, Model, Trim/Package, Engine, Engine Variant)
  • Images (front, side, rear, Design tab, Automation Test Track with time, and Gasmean Market)
  • Stats that will be scored
  • Statement on why your minivan is better


  • Entries due by Friday, January 5th @ 3:00pm Mountain Time Zone
  • Voting due by Saturday, January 6th @ 3:00pm Mountain Time Zone

Lets see some racing minivans.
-Notes: I removed MPG cause some of us will say eco mode or what not so you will not be scored on that.


That’s your superwagon blowing the engine :expressionless:


Bit confused as to why more cylinders gets you more points. That’s seems like a bit of a cop-out in terms of competitiveness. Also:

  • “Racing” challenge; how come there’s no racing actually involved, just track times?
  • “Racing” again: top speed =/= best race car every time. Is that really a fair way to score ‘race cars’?
  • Presentation: how is that being judged? What are the criteria? Or is it just subjective.
  • “Price (or lack thereof, but must be selling)” - So the car can have a price, but it doesn’t have to, and it doesn’t matter how much or how little it is, but it “must be selling”. As in the car must be sellable? This doesn’t make any sense.


I think it’s nitrous purge Lol I can’t read, it’s a burnout, but still I like to believe that’s the engine blown.

EDIT: FFS CnCharger it’s Kee Engine not Key Engine, it literally says “Starting Kee Engine” whenever you start it up!


FFS Sideswipe it doesn’t matter Kee or key because we all understood anyways


Kee it key? Did you have a stroke?


2020, Galpinzador, Ultra Estate, Onroad AWD, SSJ.112, 1571hp

It’s best minivan because it’s best.


Yes I did have a stroke. I’ll try to not have a stroke next time but you know the amazing thing, you understood it anyways!


Again you want someone to judge your contest for you, I was going to enter until I read that.


Why are you hosting yet another challenge with no intention to host? Is it just because you want to enter it yourself? You should be judging your own challenges and if you really want to enter your car it should be a non-competing benchmark to give entrants an idea of what to aim for. Otherwise you’re just going right back to the “here’s a car I made and I want someone else to do the work of comparing it to other cars.”


hmm. Looks almost exactly like the 2019 Super Wagon Concept.
Here is the link

What is the quality? You can PM @Sillyducky to see if it passes.


Mate. Listen to @thecarlover. If you’re going to host a competition, why not actually host it?


You know what. I will host this competition. Still need other judges to work with.

Here is the Benchmark for our competition

2020 CRM PowerWagon S CV8 270 1476 BHP

Top Speed: 231 mph
Acceleration: 0-62mph @ 3.3 seconds
Drivability: 35.3
Seating: 8
Price: $59760 (that includes 20% markup)
Economy (with modes): economy will no longer be scored so be creative

  • Eco Mode: 35 MPG
  • High Way: 32 MPG
  • City: 28 MPG
  • Sport: 15 MPG
  • Track: 7 MPG
  • CRM: 2.7 MPG

Track Time: 2:13.1
Performance Index: 831.3

This is the Power Wagon, a reincarnation of the very first Minivan developed by Calvinator in 1961. The CRM Power Wagon is a faster, lighter, more responsive version of the Super Wagon. This Minivan boasts almost 1500 BHP, and a speed of 231 mph.


I was wondering what you are classifying as a Minivan?
Only MVP ?
Or is it a Minivan when it can hold 7+ seats ?


You actually don’t need other judges. Not for a challenge this small. You can push through with this on your own, trust me


After some consideration, this challenge was a bust, sort of. I will redo this challenge later, but will participate in some others to get a feel for what to do when I do host a challenge.