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Mirage Automobile - established since 1957 [UE4] [SUSPENDED]


And for the rim offset:image


yes well done, that’s a 1967 car at the earliest.


Why are people losing their shit over a flush stance?


i’m more concerned about the fender flairs


Hi guys, big update of the main post!
I was busy this month but now it’s ok, so I decided to rework the model :slight_smile:

I listened to your advice, and I tried to do a more realistic model of its time, always the same philosophy anyway.
I juste have some problem with the stats, the car needs very large rear wheels compared to front… And it needs big brakes too (250 front, 245 rear), or the game tells me the braking force is insuficient.

Anyway, I try to hit the Light Sports Car, but well, I have some difficulties :thinking:

But as you can see the highest score is at Track Premium…
I don’t have any premium stuff in the car, standar seats, no radio, 0 on the quality slider (+5 for the engine)…
If you have any tips for the next model i’ll take it :grin:


And here comes the Cab Version of the 2000RS!

The Cabriolet was only released in the 2000RS. It’s a very rare version of the model, only 500 models.
Even she’s heavier and slower than the regular 2000RS, she’s today more expensive because of this rarity.

That’s all for the first gen of the Pignole, I’m working on the Mk II :upside_down_face:

Car Company Directory

Hey, I tried to made the MkII in the base of what the MkI was first, and also added some more details… I hope it looks more sixties than before :grin:

It has a most modern version of the 2000RS engine, who is a bit more powerful but way more efficient!

So, because there is not so much base model with rear engine in the game, and some are bugged, the Pignole will probably end here, I’m thinking about a new model, probably a mid engined. Anyway it will be light, and with an Inline 4.


These are great, Doggo! =)

They really do look like “What if they built Porsches in France?” lol


Haha thanks :slight_smile:
I made the next model, I’ll try to show it this week but I need to do the engine. It’s a targa like the Honda CRX Del Sol, I tried to model a second trunk for the roof in the back, but i’m not satisfied already, I have to work on :blush:


Nice Alpine brand! :smiley:
I love the designs


Looks like a Gordini, isn’t. I can’t wait for your upcoming mid-engined car!


Regarding the wheel size I see nothing wrong? Many cars in the 50s and 60s used quite large, but narrow, 15 inch wheels. For example the VW Beetle, Volvo PV444-544, Amazon and 140, Saab 92-96 and many others…


As I said, I reworked the model, I edited the post with news photos :wink:


Well, due to a recent bug, I can’t put any engine in any car, the game load and load again…
So I can only present you the design, but someone already reported this bug, and I know it will be fixed soon :wink:

I’m really not an expert of the 70’s, so tell me if something is not from the era :slight_smile:
Let’s see the Mirage Albane from 1973!

It’s a Mid engined L4 Targa! The fans of the brand didn’t liked it as much as the Pignole, because the car was larger and heavier than the 1st model. It was a nice car anyway, and it’s coveted today, but not like her big sister.

You can remove the roof in 2 parts, and put it in a second trunk, next to the engine bay.
Now let’s look at the photos, it will be more telling!

As you can see up here, there is a second trunk that you can open independently to tidy up the roof, or you can open the full trunk to access to the engine bay (where you can see the grill)

Now I’ll wait for the availability to put an engine in my cars, meanwhile I’ll begin the next model , I don’t really know what it will look like ^^


aside from the rear lights being a bit too rounded, it’s pretty 70’s.


Honestly? It doesn’t work great but I love it. With a little proportion tweaking it would be :ok_hand:

Could I ask for the export of the car? I want to try messing around with it :smile:


Exactly. Some proportion adjusting and a different set of taillights would work wonders.


I’ll export you the car when I come back at home :slight_smile:
I don’t feel comfortable with 70’s cars, but i’ll try to rework it a bit ^^


I reworked the Albane as I could, I’m not satisfied of this modele anyway, I’m a 80’s guy, not 70’s :grin:

You can DL it here:Albane - Sport.car (52.7 KB)

Do you have the engine bug too? That’s annoying because when I design a car, the loading icone is in the middle of my screen, because I guess the game try to load the engine even in the design step…

PS: you’ll need everymods of the Workshop to run the car properlly :wink:
PS2: I think I prefered the 1st front of the car, this one is really ugly xD


My thougts about the first taillights was that they looked a bit like VW Beetle units. Which is not a really good thing on a vehicle like this, it screams VW based kit-car. The new set is working much better.