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MisterL´s Mods


I,ve made a simple taillight, it´s relatively high resolution, so it´s going smooth with the carbody.


And a hubcap from the 70s :sunglasses:


I´m working on my first body its a smal car from the mid 60s with a 2m wheelbase.

this was a first test in automation, there are some issues in the mesh i have to work out, making the morphs and some variants.


If you need any help we have a Community Discord Server :ok_hand:


I think i´m almost done

the Convertible has some weird reflexions at the softtop, the mesh seems ok in blender so i have to look more in detail…


This first body of yours must be based on a small European compact car. It’s not based on an Austin Mini, though, since we already have that body in the latest version of the game.


Yes, it remotely based on the Autobianchi A112.

There are far too few normal cars in the game, especially for the early years. And many are too American for me …:wink:


Here a little teaser about my courent bodyproject

Who knows which car serves as a model? :wink:


Ford Capri :nut:




I really like the A112 body but is there any chance of a 4 door hatch and sedan model like the Simca 1100?


I think not for the A112 Body. The Simca is a candidate for a later bodyproject, if I find good blueprints of it. For now im working on the Capribody


What about Skoda or Trabant bodies?
Nice work👍


Let’s see if I feel like it, have just got a RL with a job and something. This is just a hobby if I have the time and desire to do so :wink:


The mod is ready, don´t know if i upload it, cause theres a body like the Capri in the game and the fendermorph in the rear has some little issues if you pull it full out.


I really like your A112 body.
Thanks for the effort you are putting on this mods.
Keep up the great work :wink:


Can always use more variety! This is a much better Capri than the scaled up 100A I made (and the 100A doesn’t have a convertible variant).


First bodytest for the 50s Ponton


A-ehm… cough…
I mean… I was asking for this kind of body since years. It is great to see this kind of body being realized.
Thank you.

Are you planning to be available with rear engine option too?


I think so, but there is still a lot of work to do, so the rearengine is the very last on the todolist, the seams still have to be made, and I’m not sure yet because of the indentation on the side. Then the various variants, 4 door, kombi, convertible possibly a hatchback like the vw 1600TL and then the morphs…:wink: