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In our Russia, strict laws prohibit obtaining rights if you wear glasses for - 6 diopters or more, and therefore I can only play computer games and check how the machine is controlling.
Therefore, I began to love bicycles even more.
I saw an unusual tire size - and was impressed - created Mobilebicycle. But judging by the size of the body, the bicycle will not fit into this body.

Model_40_-_Trim_38.car (15.9 KB)


It Will prolly happen, so im anticipating It: You’re not meant to make a whole new thread for every car you want to post here. You need to make a post for your Brand, and post all your Brand cars there. (Ok you can have many brands too)


It’s almost a bare shell with hardly anything on it.


Exactly. It would be very helpful if you had a thread for all your designs.


OK, I am i will do so. I sent to Automation & Beamng the repository, but he posted it here. I have not yet learned to work here.
But I will create new topic.


I did not srtived to assemble a more complex design.


Mobilbicycle Sport 3
Mobilbicycle_sport_3.car (19.7 KB)